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Joe Manchin Pulls The Rug Out From Biden – The Senator Just Put An Quick End To Joe’s New Billionaire Tax

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Joe Manchin seems to be a fair-weathered friend to conservatives. You’d think he’d be on their side most of the time. It’s in his best interest to oppose Biden and protect his state from Joe’s radical, socialist agenda.

But recently, he seems to be caving. He said he’d support Biden’s far-left SCOTUS nominee. And he was willing to reconsider Biden’s doomed socialist spending bill.

But it looks like Manchin’s not totally willing to bow the knee to Joe. He continues to be an open critic of some of Biden’s worst ideas. The West Virginia Democrat is not at all pleased with Biden’s recently-announced budget for 2023. And he is clearly opposed to one major part of it.

From The Epoch Times:

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) on Tuesday decried President Joe Biden’s recently-unveiled proposal to increase taxation on billionaires, saying that the plan would tax assets that billionaires don’t have…

The plan, Manchin said, would put taxes on “things you don’t have.”

“You might have it on paper,” Manchin added. “There are other ways for people to pay their fair share, and I think everyone should pay.”

Joe Manchin openly criticized a part of Joe Biden’s proposed 2023 budget. The part he seems to oppose is the so-called Billionaire Minimum Income Tax. This would put a 20% tax on America’s wealthiest people. A part of that tax includes taking money from people—who haven’t even earned it yet.

These are “unrealized gains,” meaning increases in stocks and other investments that the owner hasn’t received yet. Democrats are getting so greedy, they want to tax people for things they don’t even own. That’s how bad it’s getting. And it seems Manchin, who has recently been dancing for the left, can’t take that step.

Manchin is far from an anti-tax politician. He opposed Trump’s job-creating tax cuts in 2017. And he wants to raise taxes to pay for more government spending. But he claims he only wants the government to tax what people actually own.

So, I guess he’s more of an honest crook than the rest of his party.

We’ll see how far Manchin will go to oppose this toxic agenda.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Manchin is opposing Biden’s tax on billionaires.
  • Biden’s plan would tax people on money they don’t own.
  • Manchin has waffled in his commitment to hold Biden in check.

Source: The Epoch Times