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Hunter Biden And Obama Just Got Blindsided – 14 Republicans Make A Strong Move Against Both

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The Hunter Biden scandal appears to be shifting into overdrive, and Republicans on Capitol Hill are pushing for more information.

This time, they’re making a strong move in Washington that also involves the Barack Obama administration. And given the Bidens’ potential connection to Ukraine and Russia, the topic is of more interest than ever.

So, the GOP is trying to gather as many details as possible concerning connections between our government and Russia.

14 Republicans have petitioned the White House and the National Archives for these details, and such information could implicate both the embattled Hunter Biden and former President Obama.

If they can get the information they desire, it could also cast a shadow over the current administration and force Joe Biden to make some difficult statements on the matter.

From Fox News:

Republicans on the House Oversight Committee sent letters to the White House and the National Archives Thursday asking for records regarding Hunter Biden’s communications with the White House during the Obama administration, when his father served as vice president.

The accusations against Hunter Biden to stretch back to the Obama years, when Joe was vice president. Republicans and many American citizens have wondered about overseas connections for all parties involved.

And as Hunter held a leadership position in a Ukraine company, and there are whispers of money passing back and forth between the Bidens and Ukraine and Russia, the GOP demands answers.

Again, the war in Europe is part of the reason behind this new push. As they wrote in the letter:

Hunter Biden’s connections throughout the Russian sphere of influence have now become especially relevant in the fast-moving and developing Russian war in Ukraine.

The letters in question were sent to President Biden counsel Dana Remus and the head archivist at the National Archives, David Ferriero.

Republicans worry that Russia is trying to gain some leverage, and Hunter Biden’s connection to his father is the key. If this is even remotely accurate, America certainly wants the truth.

As the letter continued:

If the Russian government is attempting to influence American policy in Ukraine by exploiting Hunter Biden’s connection with his father — the President of the United States — the American people deserve to know it.

The GOP members remind us that while Russia hit Hunter Biden with sanctions, those sanctions didn’t apply to any of the other Biden children.

This in turn “raises questions” and additionally, there are more concerns about whether or not the Obama administration had any knowledge of what the Bidens were doing overseas.

Then-vice president Joe Biden could’ve been pulling some strings for Hunter in Ukraine – and allegedly did exactly that – and some critics maintain that President Obama must’ve been aware of the situation.

Either way, though, these 14 Republicans want answers to several pressing questions:

Did Hunter Biden profit from his father’s high-ranking position in the U.S. government? And if so, did this make Biden’s family ripe for exploitation by foreign powers?

Lastly, did the Obama administration have any knowledge of what was going on, and if yes, did they simply look the other way?

Currently, Hunter Biden is still under federal investigation for allegations of tax violations, money laundering, and breaking lobbying laws. His business abroad lies at the center of the probe.

Thus far, he hasn’t been charged with a crime, and he – and his father – maintain his innocence.

That won’t stop Republicans from demanding information in D.C., though. And as the war continues and elections loom on the horizon, millions of Americans likely want to shed more light on the matter.

Key Takeaways:

  • 14 GOP Congressman have sent letters, demanding records of Hunter Biden’s communications with Obama’s White House.
  • They worry that the Russian government could try to influence U.S. policy by exploiting the Biden family.
  • Republicans also allege that Hunter profited from his father’s position as vice president, and the Obama administration might’ve been aware of their overseas dealings.

Source: Fox News