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ABC News: Secret Service Is Paying Over $30K A Month For Malibu Mansion To Protect Hunter Biden

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The corporate media continues to flee the sinking ship that is the Dem Party and is clearly hedging its bets on a red wave in 2022. CBS News just hired a former Trump aide in anticipation of a GOP House because they want more access to Republican politicians for their shows.

The New York Times and The Washington Post have started digging into the Hunter Biden story and without Trump to drive ratings a big old scandal will do. The Biden family have been doing business in the swamp for 40 years so you know there is a lot there if the media wants to find it.

And now we have ABC running a story about the secret service dropping $30,000 a month to protect the scandalous Hunter Biden because Hunter wants to live in a mansion in Malibu. Hunter is renting a Malibu mansion for around $20,000 a month.

The reason the story is a bad sign for the Dems and Biden is that the media usually ignores this stuff. Because Obama and Bush had small kids it was different but Trump and his family racked up some serious Secret Service bills too.

Most of the media doesn’t bother to run these stories because it is the cost of being president – we have to protect the first family.

So ABC must smell blood in the water or they know what Jesse Watters knows (he said he heard Hunter was about to be indicted) for them to break this story.

Retired senior Secret Service agent Don Mihalek said:

“Typically, wherever a protectee sets up their residence, the Secret Service is forced to find someplace to rent nearby at market value.

“This isn’t new.

“The Service has had to do this in past administrations, and unfortunately, the housing market right now has driven the prices up substantially.

The Secret Service told ABC:

“Due to the need to maintain operational security, the U.S. Secret Service does not comment on the means, methods, or resources used to conduct our protective operations.”

From ABC:

The Spanish-style estate that the Secret Service has rented sits on a 0.7-acre lot above the Malibu coast and also features “gorgeous ocean views,” according to its listing.

With six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym, a tasting room, a built-in barbecue, a pool, a spa, and a spiral staircase that leads up to a “castle-like tower to the master retreat with wet bar,” the luxury mansion boasts “resort style living at its finest” and is “a perfect retreat for discerning clientele,” its listing says.

The cost of protecting first families has raised eyebrows in the past.

In the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency, the Secret Service requested $60 million of additional funding to protect Trump and his family, with about $27 million of that going to protecting them at their private residency at the Trump Tower in New York City, according to internal agency documents obtained by the Washington Post at that time.