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DeSantis Spokeswoman Has a Message for Anyone Leaving Florida Over Parental Rights Law

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DeSantis Spokeswoman Says Good Riddance to Anyone Leaving Florida Over Parental Rights Law: ‘Doing Us a Huge Favor’

Christina Pushaw, the outspoken political activist and spokesperson for Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, fired back after New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) announced a plan to attack Florida’s recently-signed Parental Rights in Education law.

Mayor Adams has criticized DeSantis’ push to forbid kindergarten—third grade school instructors from presenting gender identity and sexual orientation lessons.

After DeSantis signed the new bill, Adams mischaracterized the law by calling it the “Can’t say gay” law, and promoted a plan to invite Floridians to move to New York, presumably where they would have more freedoms and “be able to say whatever you want.”

Interestingly, New York is widely known as the ”least free state in the Union,” and many have criticized New York City for its egregious overreach and policies, which shut down businesses, closed schools, and required masks and vaccine passports. 

The Daily Wire noted that “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wasted no time in condemning Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law, lashing out within minutes of it being signed to complain about something that wasn’t even in the law.”

Mayor Adams complained: “This [is] political showmanship…attempting to demonize a particular group or community is not accepted.” He then announced his plan to place billboards throughout Florida to invite the offended to move to New York.

Pushaw quickly responded, “The Mayor of NYC is doing us a huge favor!”

Pushaw continued: “Not surprising that the same mayor who forces 2-4 year olds to cover their faces all day is also apparently a proponent of gender theory for 5-9 year olds.” 

“Anyone who would move to New York because they’re upset over Florida’s commitment to parental rights or child protection is someone we are better off without,” Pushaw said.

Pushaw noted that many fled New York for Florida during the pandemic, and she “doubted anyone would be fleeing Florida to go to New York” at this time.

Painting New York as a poorly run, crime-filled state, Pushaw tweeted:

“If anyone is so opposed to @GovRonDeSantis defending parental rights that they leave for a crime-ridden dystopia, Florida will be better off without them. Countless NYers have moved here since the pandemic. I doubt many will leave due to our lack of K-3 gender theory instruction.”

The Daily Wire noted that “Pushaw was not the only one to respond to Mayor Adams in that fashion,” noting that many left New York because of the high cost of living and tax rates, in addition to the dystopian pandemic-related policies. 

Matt Kadish sarcastically tweeted: “I can see the billboard now: come to a state with higher rent, more traffic, higher gas prices, higher energy costs, higher taxes, and higher crime if you are gay! It practically sells itself.” 

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