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Biden’s DHS Secretary Reportedly Met Behind Doors With Republicans. Here’s What Was Said.

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Report: Biden’s DHS Secretary Met Behind Doors With Republicans

A Daily Caller exclusive report notes that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas shared in a private meeting with Republican members of the House Border Security Caucus on Tuesday.

News of the meeting was shared by “a source familiar with the discussion, who spoke under the condition of anonymity with the Daily Caller News Foundation.”

On Monday, Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs announced the meeting would take place during a briefing chaired by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. 

Biggs anticipated that Border Patrol union representatives would explain to members of the House Republican Conference what to expect after Title 42 expires on May 23.   

The source claims that Mayorkas denied the soon expiration of Title 42 was a relevant discussion point as it was a “Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) authority” issue, and he “didn’t have the authority to reimpose the order.”

Former President Donald Trump implemented Title 42. It has been used to expedite the expulsion of illegal migrants due to the COVID-19 pandemic for several years.

The CDC states the directive is “no longer necessary to protect U.S. citizens,” citing “the public health landscape” and “the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The CDC, however, still advocates vaccine mandates for American citizens, including children.

A CNBC report noted that Title 42 “allowed the U.S. to expel over 1.7 million migrants – many at the southern border – since its implementation in March 2020.”

The policy was extended in August under the Biden administration, though it provided new exceptions for minors.

A Fox News report noted that border patrol agents are concerned “there will be a new surge of migrants trying to enter the U.S. once Title 42 expires. One border patrol agent reportedly said they ‘are expecting to get wrecked.’”

Val Verde County Sheriff, Joe Frank Martinez, told the Daily Caller News Foundation:

“In my opinion … I think that those numbers will increase, especially from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras because … they’ll be given, from what I’m hearing, a notice to appear if things don’t change between now and then or Title 42 goes away …” 

Martinez added: “I think that’s the hope, that everybody’s keeping their fingers crossed that there’s an extension, but there’s not a very good likelihood of that happening.”

National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judge implored Republican members of the House Border Security Caucus to request Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas disclose what is happening at the border:

“The main thing [is] you must … get an answer to is how many people are being released after they’re processed for Title 8,” Judd said. 

“That’s the thing that is going to open the eyes of the American public more than anything. It’s one thing for me to tell you that it’s happening, it’s another thing for the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to actually be honest with the American public and tell them exactly how many people were in the United States. You must get an answer to that.”

The Daily Caller reports that the DHS did not respond to their request for additional information.

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