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Zuckerberg 2020 Election Evidence Spills Out – So Trump Quickly Drops the Sledgehammer

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News is coming out about how Facebook CEO and billionaire, Jeff Zuckerberg used his wealth to influence the 2020 Elections.

The tech executive promised to help election efforts, getting people out to vote. It was presented as a bipartisan initiative. Instead, most of the money was allegedly poured into Democrat districts, tilting the scales for Biden.

Now Donald Trump is exposing this scheme.

From Western Journal:

Much of Zuckerberg’s money went to expanding mail-in voting and ballot boxes, both of which are specifically vulnerable to fraud…

Second, by specifically directing a large majority of his money to Democrat areas, Zuckerberg undermined his own promise to “open” the election.

“So he’s putting money under the guise that he’s going to ‘open up the election’ and all of that,” Trump said. “That’s all crap.

“He’s not going to open it up, he’s closing it. He’s making it impossible for a Republican to win.”

Donald Trump called out Zuckerberg’s efforts to help Joe Biden win 2020. The tech billionaire donated millions to states like Georgia to get out the vote.

In addition to helping mail-in voting and drop-boxes, his money was used to mobilize voters. But instead of distributing it evenly across a state, most of it was poured into Democrat districts.

A reported 97% of the money went to Democrat areas. That money would have made it easier for Democrat operatives to go door-to-door to collect votes, bus people to the polls, or otherwise motivate people to vote.

And since these areas are predominately liberal, it directly benefited Joe Biden. Very little was done in Republican areas, exposing Zuckerberg’s bias.

It’s particularly concerning that private money was used to fund what should be fair and open elections. Why should Zuckerberg have the power to sway an election, just because he has the money?

This is not only fraud, but it undermines the very values of our democracy.

Source: The Western Journal