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New York Police Arrest Subway Shooter Frank James After Tip On NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline, Take Him Into Custody

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Suspected Brooklyn subway shooter Frank James was arrested by patrol cops in the East Village in New York City on Wednesday law enforcement officials told CNN. Patrol cops from the 9th Precinct downtown arrested him after receiving a Crime Stoppers tip.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said 62-year-old Frank R. James was spotted by bystanders in the East Village Wednesday afternoon. He was spotted at a McDonald’s but officers arrived too late to catch him.

The police officers drove around the neighborhood and James was spotted and arrested without incident at St. Mark’s Place and First Avenue. “My fellow New Yorkers, we got him,” Mayor Eric Adams said. “We got him.”

“There was a clear desire to create terror,” Adams said.

“If you bring a smoke bomb or would you bring an automatic weapon with a gas mask and in a very methodical way injured innocent New Yorkers, that is terror.”

“We hope this arrest brings some solace to the victims and the people of the city of New York,” Sewell said.

“We used every resource at our disposal to gather and process significant evident that directly links Mr. James to the shooting. We were able to shrink his world quickly. There was nowhere left for him to run.”

From ABC:

Authorities have discovered no meaningful felony arrests in James’ critical history, only a number of misdemeanor charges. But James was known to the NYPD with a rap sheet spanning six years, 1992 to 1998, with nine prior arrests.

Profanity-laced social media posts from James seem to be highly critical of the mayor for his homeless policy, including videos filled with racist and sexist insults and rambling rants about Adams’ crackdown on people living in the subway.

Mayor Adams appeared on Good Morning America Wednesday and said officials are considering the use of state-of-the-art metal detectors in the city’s subway system moving forward.

“It’s not the traditional metal detectors that you see at airports,” Adams said. “Technology has advanced so much. When you think about it, we have not advanced with technology. The cities…when it comes down to protecting the citizens better, I’m open to all technology.”