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Read It: Hunter Biden’s Blunt Letter to His Father: ‘You’ve Finally Crossed the Line’

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After years of false narratives, dubious impeachment efforts, a fake dossier, spy gate, Russia gate and a spurious Mueller investigation, Conservatives are turning the tables and, to borrow lines from Trump and the Daily Wire, Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” is the gift that keeps on giving.

Embarrassing and damning information from Hunter Biden’s laptop continues to be dripped to the media. The latest revelation is a rambling and poorly structured letter Hunter drafted to his father, Joe Biden.

The letter, dated Jan. 14, 2017, was drafted but never sent. Written as the Obama-Biden team was about to leave the White House and President Obama awarded Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, an angry Hunter wrote:

“Dad you have to listen – then you can do whatever you want,” Hunter Biden reportedly wrote. “I’ll make it the last time and you can ignore it or i hope at least acknowledge that the three people on earth who have lived their lives in service to you who love you more than the next 30 combined have suddenly all concluded for their own reasons that you have finally crossed the line – that we won’t be publicly and privately humiliated while those that publicly and privately humiliate us our [sic] held to the world as the loves of your life the life of your …”

The bitter Hunter continued: “Love is an action dad not an emotion. Think how your brother and sister express their love for you. They do anything you tell them to do and have their whole lives.”

Miranda Devine previously published excerpts of the letter in her bestselling book titled “Laptop from Hell.”

The famed laptop was left at a computer repair store and forwarded to the FBI in 2020. Though strongly dismissed by many mainstream media outlets and by Joe Biden and intelligence officials, in March 2022 smaller media outlets followed The New York Times and CNN in admitting that the laptop story was true.

On March 29, Rep. Matt. Gaetz (R-Fla.) formally introduced the laptop’s contents into the Congressional record.

Reportedly, files on the laptop point to corruption in the Biden family.

In his letter, Hunter Biden praises his relatives for providing comfort to Joe Biden after Biden’s wife was killed in an automobile accident but accuses his father of manipulation and falsehoods:

Mom mom and Aunt Val saved MY life dad they saved Beaus life Dad you saved our lives — i understand the lie serves your purpose Dad but to make two boys who had the three greatest mothers god could conceive taken from them that they had to buy into it or they would be betraying you is pretty awful – because that is not choice we would ever even let sit in our minds a moment.

In conclusion, Hunter Biden wrote: “So dad on arguably the most rewarding day in your career you [fail] to even say and I want publicly thank the heart and soul of this family the. …” The letter abruptly ends there.

The National Pulse posted the letter in its entirety here.

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