unique visitors counter LMAO! Commie Lib David Hogg Launches Pillow Company To Try And Take Out Mike Lindell- LOOK WHAT JUST HAPPENED- YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP! – Washington News

LMAO! Commie Lib David Hogg Launches Pillow Company To Try And Take Out Mike Lindell- LOOK WHAT JUST HAPPENED- YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP!

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Okay most of us have participated in pillow fights as kids at sleepovers, slumber parties or whatever and they were fun.

Harmless fun with no politics involved- no racism or any other motives- just to have fun and beat each other with pillows.

Good clean harmless fun and good times!

Well, those days are gone and now we have a new pillow fight between a gun grabbing ultra liberal pile of garbage and the great Mike Lindell, the inventor and owner of “MyPillow” which is an extremely successful multi-million dollar business.

Most of you are familiar with Mr. Lindell.

He is a hardcore Trump supporter who loves America and can’t stand liberals.

My kind of man. I freaking can’t stand liberals.

From 100 Percent FED Up:

In early February, Parkland survivor and gun-control activist David Hogg publicly announced his plans to start his own pillow company to compete against Mike Lindell’s multimillion-dollar company, MyPillow. However, aside from lofty goals and extensive promises, not much else has been done to actually present a real product to the public.

With the intention of taking business away from Mike Lindell, who is already predicting a loss of $65 million this year, Hogg promised a startup company that would rival MyPillow while promoting his leftist rhetoric.

On Feb. 9, Hogg and his business partner/software engineer, William LeGate, announced their company’s name on Twitter, “Good Pillow,” along with the release of their website. Good Pillow’s Twitter account tweeted out a statement as well, thanking their followers for turning their dream “into a reality.” Having followers on Twitter, however, does not warrant the premature assumption that this company is already a “reality.” From the looks of things, Good Pillow still has a long way to go before claiming victory over Lindell’s MyPillow.




Here’s a few better names:






Or if you want to make money how about the “TRUMP PILLOW” OR “MAGA PILLOW!”

Anyways, this dude is a useless liberal anti-gun pile of garbage.

Okay so anyways 100 Percent FED Up has more:

Since the website launch over a month ago, there has been no evidence of company advancement. The website is still not actually functioning, only offering an option to either express interest in pre-orders (no products are available yet) or read their business statement/manifesto. In a jab at Lindell, the manifesto states that “Good Pillow pledges to fill our Board of Directors with people who actually represent America,” suggesting that Lindell’s efforts to fight against election fraud are not supported by other Americans nor in the country’s best interest.

In a Newsweek article published in February, Hogg is praised for his theoretical company’s Twitter account having “more followers than MyPillow ever did.” I guess Twitter followers equate to sales now? The media praising Hogg may be getting ahead of themselves because, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office database, the name “Good Pillow” has already been trademarked by someone by the name of Robert Holland.


So far, the ‘pillow fight‘ that media has been buzzing about seems to be very one-sided, given there is no real competition for Lindell quite yet.

Mike Lindell is an American patriot.

David Hogg is a liberal failure famous for being an as*hole.

Sleep tight Patriots! 😁