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WATCH As Megyn Kelly Drops A BOMBSHELL On FOX News- Exposes What They Are Doing And Much More

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When Megyn Kelly ambushed Trump during the debates back in 2016 most of us got pissed off and stopped watching her show on FOX.

Then she left and got a gig with a liberal outlet and she basically went downhill from there.

But lately she has changed her tune a tad and therefore we will report this news from Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel.

Megyn Kelly ripped her former employer, Fox News, during an interview with lefty Dan Abrams last week for missing “an opportunity’ to present President Trump’s arguments on election-related issues.

During the interview, she noted that Fox News’ abandonment (by many of its daytime anchors and hosts) has confused (and angered) many now-former viewers who have left for other networks including Newsmax TV and One America News.

“Well, it’s definitely strategic by Newsmax and OANN, you know, to sort of go into this lane that is uncovered right now for the diehard Trump fans who just won’t believe, or who are following everything he says as gospel,” Kelly said. “They got nobody to represent them right now, so it’s smart as a business decision. You know, I’ve long since abandoned the notion that the press is a public service. It’s a business, and as a business decision you can’t really argue with it because Newsmax is suddenly getting a million viewers a show and it was getting, like, 100,000. So it’s been smart from that standpoint.”

“As I watch the Fox News coverage, I can’t help but think about how Roger Ailes would have handled it because he was always trying to keep the flanks of the party together at Fox,” she continued. “You know, he understood that he had the National Review Republicans – you know, sort of the high-brow – and then he also knew he had the Breitbart crowd, which is more street-fighter, working-class, like, bring it – the Trump fans. The first ones, they voted Trump but they kind of held their noses. The second ones, they voted Trump and they’ll die for Trump. And I think Roger Ailes would have been saying, make sure they’re represented. Make sure we’re not so, like, ‘It’s over,’ that they don’t feel there’s any channel in the United States that’s even giving a nod to Trump’s point-of-view, his arguments, or the way they feel.”

“And I think Fox is sort of missing that. It’s sort of catch-as-catch-can. Like, Hannity says what he says,” Kelly added. “Lou Dobbs and Maria Bartiromo are over here, but then you’ve got Bret Baier and Martha. You’re getting different messaging hour-to-hour, and I think people are confused and I think if Roger were there, he’d be saying as least get one pundit on in all of these shows to at least make the president’s case. And I think they missed an opportunity by not doing that.”

Abrams then asked Kelly if she felt Fox News would be calling Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden “president-elect” if Ailes were still in control of the company.

‘I think they wouldn’t because Roger, I mean maybe people do know this, but Roger was much more conspiratorial than people really knew,” Kelly replied. “I mean, if you could have heard what he said behind closed doors about any given conspiracy of the day, like, ‘is Obama a Muslim?’ you would have been pretty surprised,’ Kelly said. ‘So, you know, there are a lot of layers – notwithstanding what people believe – between usually what Roger thought and what got on the air other than on certain shows. And so I do think he would’ve said, ‘don’t say that.”


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