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Federal Judge Drops The Gavel On Special Election – H’es Putting A Stop To Democrat Plan To Change Georgia Laws In ‘Ninth Inning’

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Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to control our elections for their benefit. But they just hit a setback.

The left was up in arms over a major election law passed by Georgia earlier this year. Liberals from across the country were outraged that a state (in which they didn’t live) would dare work to secure their elections.

In addition to urging people to boycott the state, the left threw a total of eight lawsuits at Georgia.

Clearly, Democrats stand against attempts to make our elections more secure.

But right on the eve of a special election, a judge stopped them in their tracks.

From IJR:

U.S. District Judge J.P. Boulee ruled that making changes to the law prior to the special elections on July 13 could risk “disrupting the administration of an ongoing election…”

The judge added that prohibiting the enforcement of the law “would change the law in the ninth inning.” …

Liberal activists had sought to keep the state from enforcing sections of the new election law that dealt with observations of elections and deadlines for requesting absentee ballots.

A district judge refused to make election laws right before a special election.

He claimed that would risk disrupting an ongoing election.

Democrats were hoping to rush their changes to Georgia’s elections prior to the election. They were hoping the short timeline would pressure the judge to radically alter the state’s election rules.

Instead, the judge rightly decided he could not throw out election law so soon before a vote.

But he did say he could rule against Georgia in the future, when an election is not around the corner.

While this ruling is a win for anyone that wants safe elections, we’re still far from out of the woods.

Democrats are not only trying to erase Georgia’s recent election protections. They are stage lawsuits and other challenges in various states.

Republican-controlled state legislatures are working on securing their elections. They want to close loopholes that can be exploited by less-than-honest folks.

They also want to eliminate bogus practices like ballot harvesting and universal mail-in ballots.

Democrats seem to be ready to do everything in their power to make voting as easy—and shady—as possible.

Are you glad this federal judge is standing up to Democrats?

Source: IJR