unique visitors counter Elon Musk Confirms GOP Suspicions, Warns Dems The Party’s Over: “Twitter obviously has a string left wing bias – Washington News

Elon Musk Confirms GOP Suspicions, Warns Dems The Party’s Over: “Twitter obviously has a string left wing bias

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A reporter for some far-left media outlet called for more arson attacks against anti-abortion groups saying in response to an article about the attacks, “more of this, may these people never know a moment of peace or safety until they rot in the ground.”

She faced an immediate backlash and rather than defend her stance she deactivated her Twitter account and took off for the hills. But the internet is forever and the screenshots of her post went viral.

Independent thinker Mike Cernovich said: “Here you go @elonmusk, when Twitter employees invariably lie to you about enforcement policy, maybe they can explain why a verified account is allowed to incite terrorism without any care in the world about being banned.

Musk responded: “Twitter obv has a strong left wing bias. Like I said, my preference is to hew close to the laws of countries in which Twitter operates. If the citizens want something banned, then pass a law to do so, otherwise it should be allowed.”

From The AP:

Vandals struck an anti-abortion group office, where a fire broke out and a Molotov cocktail was found, authorities said Sunday.

Madison police spokeswoman Stephanie Fryer told the Wisconsin State Journal that the fire reported shortly after 6 a.m. Sunday at the Wisconsin Family Action office in Madison was suspicious in nature.

He said someone also spray-painted a message outside the building. Federal officials and the Madison Fire Department are helping with the investigation.

No one was injured, and officials were still working to determine how much damage the fire caused.

It wasn’t immediately clear who vandalized the building, but the message “If abortions aren’t safe then you aren’t either” was spray-painted on the building.

“It appears a specific non-profit that supports anti-abortion measures was targeted,” Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes said in a statement.

The president of the group targeted by the extremists, Julaine Appling, said:

“This is the local manifestation of the anger and the lack of tolerance from the pro-abortion people toward those of us who are pro-life.

“We will repair our offices, remain on the job, and build an even stronger grassroots effort.

“We will not back down. 

“We will not stop doing what we are doing. Too much is at stake.”