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Virginia Democrat Just Got Indicted – Adkins is Charged With 82 Counts, Including Dozens of Election Felonies

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Ever since 2020, Democrats have claimed our elections are perfect. That’s not what they’ve said in the past, but you’re not supposed to question them!

We are supposed to believe that there never are problems—not a whiff of irregularities.

Then what are we supposed to do with the many stories that have come out over the years? Including this one out of Virginia?

From The Western Journal:

A Democratic county official in western Virginia has been charged with 82 felonies, scores of them related to election fraud…

According to the station, [Buchanan County Supervisor Trey Adkins is] facing 34 counts of making a false statement related to election fraud; 11 counts of violating absentee voting procedure; eight counts of public embezzlement; 11 counts of forgery of public records; 15 counts of uttering related to public records; and three counts of conspiracy to make a false statement related to election fraud.

After a two-year investigation, Democrat Buchanan County Supervisor Trey Adkins is being charged with 82 counts.

Among the charges includes violating absentee voting procedures, forgery of public records, and making false statements regarding election fraud.

Apparently, the man had been cheating allegedly for years. He has been accused of falsifying absentee ballots with forged signatures to win an election.

In addition to this, he has been charged with embezzlement related to using government-owned material for private use. Geez, this guy’s a real prince, huh?

Despite the overwhelming charges brought against him, the man claims he is innocent.

Sure, innocent until proven guilty—but these are quite a few charges to overcome. Are we to believe investigators were that bad doing their job?

Or is it likely that Adkins thought he could get away with cheating our elections, for his own profit?

This case is just more proof that people try to cheat our elections every year. Without strict scrutiny, there is no telling what might happen.

Democrats can bury this story all they want, but we are not forgetting. Every act of voter fraud must be charged and punished.

Source: The Western Journal