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Supreme Court Puts Washington on High Alert – In Just Days, The Justices Plan to Release ‘One or More’ Decisions

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Democrats have been bracing for when the Supreme Court reconvenes. The left has been in meltdown mode ever since a draft opinion was leaked to the press.

Many have speculated on when the court would issue anything.

And now we have our answer. The court has announced it will release something, next week.

From Daily Wire:

The Supreme Court will be releasing “one or more” opinions on Monday amid tensions over a leaked draft opinion indicating that justices may have decided to overturn Roe v. Wade.

The justices met privately on Thursday for the first time since the leaked draft opinion shook the nation, according to the Associated Press.

Though the justices did not give any indication about what they discussed in the private conference, the publication reported, they did reveal that on Monday, at least one decision will be announced. SCOTUSblog also noted that “one or more” decisions would be released on Monday.

Woah, boy. According to reports, the Supreme Court will be releasing at least one decision on Monday. SCOTUSblog said that it could be “one or more” decisions.

The court met privately this past Thursday, the first time since someone leaked a draft opinion. Chief Justice John Roberts blasted the leak and ordered an investigation.

Justice Thomas said the reaction to the leak will not “bully” the court into changing its rulings. Democrats have protested, nearly rioted, over the news the court could overturn Roe v. Wade.

Reports as late as this week suggest the leak has not changed the justices’ votes on the ruling. Five conservative justices appear intent on overturning Roe, while the 3 liberal justices—along with Roberts—will be voting against it.

But will they release their ruling on Monday? No indications from the report suggest what this ruling will be.

The court had presided over a number of cases through last fall and early spring. It’s obvious most are waiting for their ruling on Roe.

How will America react, if the court does in fact overturn Roe? Millions of Americans will celebrate the end of the federal legalization of abortion.

But others, perhaps fewer than the left expects, will be outraged. Democrats at the state level will rush to pass laws legalizing the practice.

Democrats have already suggested they will make abortion a major focus of the 2022 midterms. But signs already indicate that will be a losing strategy.

Source: Daily Wire