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John Durham Executes His Final Plan on Hillary – He Just Kicked Off the Trial into Clinton’s Lawyer Michael Sussmann

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After years of investigations, interviews, and mountain-moving, John Durham finally has results.

His first trial from his “Russiagate” probe has just begun.

From Fox News:

The trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann is set to begin Monday morning as Special Counsel John Durham’s yearslong investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe finally lands in court.

Sussmann is facing a charge of lying to the FBI when he claimed he was contacting them on his own, while not working for a client.

But this also means Hillary Clinton could face consequences herself.

From The Federalist:

To prove that lie, Durham’s team, led by long-time prosecutor Andrew DeFilippis, will present evidence to the jury that Sussmann, in fact, was acting on behalf of two clients—the Clinton campaign and tech executive Rodney Joffe…

The real loser, though, will be Hillary Clinton, who risks the spectacle of a court ruling during public proceedings that Seago’s communications with Joffe were protected by attorney-client privilege given Fusion GPS’s role of assisting the Clinton campaign. And that is but a sliver of the evidence likely to come out during Sussmann’s trial connecting Clinton to Spygate.

Michael Sussmann will go to trial over charges he lied to the FBI. During this trial, Durham and his team will try to show how Sussmann worked with two clients, Clinton and a tech executive, to frame Donald Trump.

Sussmann allegedly lied to the FBI when he claimed to have evidence linking Trump to a Russian bank. The “evidence” turned out to be incorrect. But Sussmann was working for two clients when he made that claim.

For Durham to prove Sussmann’s guilt, all kinds of information will come out during the trial. Including possible evidence that Clinton, along with her allies, may have conspired to frame Trump during the 2016 Election.

Even if allies like Fusion GPS employee Laura Seago refuse to testify, hiding behind the 5th, that could be enough to prove something. If Seago is scared enough not to incriminate herself, then even that silence is bad for Clinton.

Clinton was only safe when no investigation or trial happened. But just the fact that Sussmann is being put on trial, means that dirty secrets from the Clinton campaign will come out.

Will that end up bringing Clinton to justice? We can’t say. But it will certainly tarnish her reputation and it will mean she will be less likely to try a third run for the White House.

Source: Fox NewsThe Federalist