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Experts Make Prediction on Summer Gas Prices – They Forecast Filling Up Your Tank Could Cost Over $6/Gallon

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Joe Biden once promised to “work like the devil” on the gas crisis. I guess he meant, “Make the problem much worse.”

He depleted our strategic reserve of oil to “help” the rising prices. That lowered prices by about five cents… for a few weeks.

Now, prices are soaring. And one expert suggests they can get outrageously high by the summer.

From The Washington Examiner:

Come August, drivers across the nation could spend more than $6 per gallon of gas to fill up their vehicles.

Due to unresolved problems with the fuel supply chain and an expected increase in summer traveling, JPMorgan Chase analysts predict another surge in gas prices this summer…

As of Thursday morning, the average price of a gallon of regular gas had reached $4.59, while a gallon of premium gas had reached $5.20 — more than a $1.50 increase from last year at this time.

JPMorgan Chase is predicting gas prices as high as $6 a gallon this summer. They claim ongoing problems with the supply chain are contributing to this crisis.

Hmm… who was supposed to fix the supply chain, last summer? Oh, that was Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg.

And what have they done? Let me check again… oh nothing.

But that’s just one of the many decisions Biden has made that resulted in unreasonably high gas prices. America is sitting on a wealth of natural resources.

There is no reason we should be paying these prices. But Biden has deliberately crippled American energy production, resulting in this crisis.

Ted Cruz listed the numerous decisions Biden made that put us in the mess.

From Twitter:

President Biden promised to take down American energy during his campaign.

Record gas prices are the intended effects of his deliberate actions.

From the very start of Biden’s administration, he has been attacking American oil and natural gas. These prices, as the senator explained, are the intended effects of Biden’s “green” agenda.

Now, Americans already struggling might have to pay $6 a gallon, when they should be paying $2 or less.

It is mindbogglingly ridiculous.

Is Biden hurting your wallet at the pump?

Source: The Washington ExaminerTwitter