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Alec Baldwin Gets Shut Down After Complaining About Workplace Safety On Social Media

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Fallen Hollywood star Alec Baldwin, the man who infamously shot dead a co-worker on the set of his movie, went on social media to call out ‘workplace abuse’ over a viral video of former NFL player Brendan Langley fighting a United Airlines employee.

“The guy working at the airport is the victim. He came to work to do a job,” Baldwin said. “The other guy, with his big mouth, is guilty of workplace abuse, where people come to work with an expectation of safety, even civility. This a**hole who hit this guy should be put on a no-fly list.”

Before the ink was dry the entire internet shut down the clueless Baldwin. “A man who (accidentally) shot and killed his co-worker at work is lecturing us on WORKPLACE SAFETY? Ffs.” Pierce Morgan said.

Brigitte Gabriel: “Alec Baldwin shouldn’t comment on anything ESPECIALLY workplace violence.”

“Sir, you shot and killed someone at YOUR workplace. Please sit this one out,” Wendy Osefo said.

Another said: “Alec Baldwin, you should have sat this one out. Workplace safety is not your area of expertise.”

Baldwin thinks he is in the clear but the authorities have said he is’ not off the hook’ from criminal charges.

“What we had, based on our investigators’ findings, was a set of obvious hazards to employees regarding the use of firearms and management’s failure to act upon those obvious hazards,” the bureau chief for occupational safety, Bob Genoway, said.

“The Safety Coordinator was present on set and took no direct action to address safety concerns.

“Management was provided with multiple opportunities to take corrective actions and chose not to do so.

“As a result of these failures, Director Joel Souza and cinematographer Halyna Hutchins were severely injured. Halyna Hutchins succumbed to her injuries.”