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Biden’s Texas Visit Spirals Out of Control – Report Claims Joe Uninvited Most Border Patrol Agents, Gets Booed

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Americans continue to mourn the horrible shooting in Uvalde, TX. Democrats, for their part, have not stopped using the tragedy for politics.

Joe Biden, after pushing gun control propaganda, decided to visit the town. That could have been a moment where he united the country and encouraged healing and support.

Instead, it was just the mess you’d expect.

From Breitbart:

Biden administration officials uninvited many of the Border Patrol agents and other law enforcement officers who responded to the Robb Elementary School shooting from a meeting with the president scheduled for Sunday in Uvalde. Despite the event being planned for a large open-space facility, administration officials cited space as a reason for the retracted invitations.

Really, Joe? Border agents were the ones who stopped the shooting. They risked their lives to kill the gunman and rescue children.

But no, they work on the border, so apparently they are politically unaligned with this partisan “president.”

It was worse than that, though.

From Townhall:

But not everyone in the predominantly conservative town is thrilled about his visit…

In 2020, 57 percent of Ulvade residents voted for President Trump. Its own mayor, a Republican, Don McLaughlin called Biden’s presidency a “total failure” and his border policy a “clown show.”

Many people in the community told USA Today that other issues such as immigration should have brought Biden to the town long before the shooting occurred.

Residents of Uvalde were not impressed that Joe Biden traveled to the scene. He’s been ignoring Texas for years now, as the border crisis explodes.

But now, after something happened he could use for gun control, he drops everything to visit.

Even liberals asked about the visit had to admit that Uvalde residents didn’t want Joe there. One, Stella Chavez, said “now is not the time for him to come here.”

More insulting was the fact Biden invited Border agents and other police who responded to the horrific event.

The event was held in a large, open-space facility, but Biden’s staff said there were “space” concerns.

Really? Maybe it had more to do with this pro-open border administration’s unwillingness to look Border agents in the eyes and speak with them.

Biden and his cronies have become so partisan, that they can’t even thank the heroes, the men who saved many children.

Let that sink in.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden’s visit to Uvalde was not a home run.
  • Residents did not want him to visit, after ignoring Texas for years.
  • Biden uninvited the Border agents who stopped the shooter and saved children.

Source: BreitbartTownhall