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Legendary Hollywood Actor TRASHES Obama And Hillary In EPIC Tweet That Has Liberals FURIOUS…

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Remember this? James Woods is EPIC!!! 😁

Hollywood is infested with liberals. They all worship Obama, their messiah. There are very few Hollywood stars that are Conservative, although there a few. One of those stars is the legendary James Woods!

Woods is NOT an Clinton fan nor does he like Barack Hussein Obama. Woods is a conservative, pro gun, America loving patriot and when you go to his Twitter account, you’ll see just that!

I grew up in Burbank, California which is where most of the celebrities lived back in the 60’s. I went to school with Ronnie and Clint Howard, hung out with Scott Baio in the late 70’s and also partied with David Carradine, hung with Tom Selleck and actually built a custom home for Bruce Jenner lol.

But enough of that.

A lot of these guys are closet conservatives because in La-La Land being conservative can be the kiss of death.

James Woods doesn’t give a crap.

Western Journalism reports that Woods posted an anti Obama/Clinton pic with the hashtag #HillaryClintonLiar after some disturbing things were revealed in a recent Democratic National Convention email leak. Wood’s post was the most popular and currently sits at the top of Twitter if you search for the hashtag.

The picture shows Obama, a destroyed city in the background, and a caption that reads “my job is done.” National debt figures are shown on a baseball-stadium-like scorekeeper, and Islamic militants can be seen holding up an ISIS flag. In the foreground the American flag is burning, and next to it a protest of people carrying signs that say “People Need Jobs!”

Woods inserted his own message above the picture before he posted it to his Twitter account. “And #HillaryClintonLiar wants to continue the ‘dream,’” it said.

Back in 2015 Woods revealed his favorite candidate and endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz for president  but now that Donald Trump is the nominee, it is a good bet that Woods is backing the Trumpster!


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