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Biden’s Late-Night Interview Goes Off the Rails – Joe Crosses the Line on Kimmel, Jokes About Imprisoning Opponents

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Joe Biden was whining about his handlers not letting him make public appearances. So, what was their solution? Put him on a hard-hitting news show? Nope! Jimmy Kimmel Live.


I guess they thought this “softball” show would be smooth sailing. Not even close.

At one point, the senile old fool talked about TV ads.

What the heck was that? Is this man still living in 1955? Then, in an unironic moment of a lack of self-awareness, both host and guest blamed Republicans for what Democrats have been doing for years.

And Joe decided it might be best to send his rivals to jail.

Joe actually thought that was funny, the same day a liberal showed up with a gun at Kavanaugh’s house? Of course he didn’t mention that. Or that his DOJ indicted Trump adviser Peter Navarro and is seeking a gag order so no one will hear about his terrible FBI treatment.

In another cringe-worthy moment, Jimmy fawns by asking if he can ask “serious questions.”

Since when has Biden ever taken real questions from anyone? He keeps getting caught with a pre-approved list of reporters and questions in his rare press conferences.

Then, in a hilarious moment, Biden claims he’s done “major things,” but, poor powerless guy, he just hasn’t been able to communicate them.

That might have been the most pitiful display I’ve seen in a while. And I have a tween daughter who melts down all the time. The President of the United States hasn’t gotten the chance to communicate about these major things?

Those “major things” Joe’s talking about have been destroying the energy market, triggering inflation, opening the border, and handing over Afghanistan and billions of dollars of military equipment and training to the Taliban.

And that has been communicated loud and clear.

Where do you even begin? Joe Biden—avoiding a real interview with real journalists—appeared on the left-wing Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The interview was a pathetic display of softball nonsense where nothing of substance was discussed.

Joe, as usual, sounded old and tired. His speaking abilities continue to degrade at a worrying pace.

Kimmel refused to ask him anything legitimate. And even when the topic veered toward important things, all Biden could do was ramble.

One disturbing moment came when Kimmel accused Republicans of the very thing Democrats have been doing for years.

He and Biden wrongly accused Republicans of jeopardizing our democracy. And Biden’s solution was to throw his opponents into jail.

Um… who is the threat to democracy?

It’s amazing to see how Biden, like every other Democrat, lacks even a shred of self-awareness. They are so hell-bent on grabbing as much power as possible, that they can’t even see they are what they claim Republicans to be.

Democrats have degraded our elections, insulted our courts, destroyed our border, and trampled our constitutional liberties. But Republicans should be in jail?

For what? Because a few idiots rioted at the Capitol Building over a year ago? Give me a break.

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