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New Photos From Mike Pence on Jan. 6 Emerge

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See Them: Reporter Discloses Photos Showing Pence Hiding During Jan. 6 Incident

Former Vice President Mike Pence hid during the January 6 capitol incident, as newly discovered photos show.

The photos were taken just minutes after Pence was evacuated from the Senate floor where he had been presiding over the counting of electoral votes. They show him; his wife, Karen Pence; his brother, Representative Greg Pence, R-In., and his daughter in the Vice President’s ceremonial office. Minutes after the photo was taken, a second photo shows the former VP being moved to an underground loading dock where he would be evacuated from the premises. 

The second lady can be seen closing the curtains in the office, reportedly because she could see the mob from the window and she didn’t want them to see her or her family. 

The photos were released by Jonathan Karl one day before the next session of the January 6 committee’s investigation into the events of the riot.

Members of the mob were reportedly chanting, “Hang Mike Pence,” as the disagreements between former Vice President Pence and former President Trump had become increasingly volatile in the weeks before January 6.

Trump had slammed Pence on Twitter for not having “the courage” to try and overturn the results of the 2020 election the morning of the incident.

The committee is reportedly planning to focus on the campaign of pressure that former President Trump placed on Pence in the weeks before January 6 and the impact those actions and messages had on the events of the day.

They had previously been described in Karl’s book “Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show,” but had never been publicly released, at the request of Pence and his team.

The photos themselves had been taken by Myles Cullen, the former Vice President’s official photographer. Karl had been in touch with Cullen, while researching his book, and had seen the photos himself.

“It is wild to see that he was in a loading dock in an underground parking garage beneath the Capitol complex,” Karl said in a CBS clip shared by “The Late Show,” after being invited onto the show to promote the book. “No place to sit, no desk, no chairs — nothing. He was in this concrete … parking garage with his family.”