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Kamala Harris Bungles History Lesson Celebrating Juneteenth: “For 400 Years Of Slavery

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Vice President Kamala Harris has been MIA after a series of public speaking disasters that confounded onlookers. Harris perfected the art of talking in circles and looking ridiculous doing it.

But with poll numbers sinking, inflation rising, and President Joe Biden inexplicably making horrendous jokes about a recession, White House staff sent out Kamala. Who promptly botched a celebration of the Juneteenth holiday.

Harris erroneously told children in a speech at the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington that black people were enslaved in America for 400 years, not 246 years.

Kamala said: “I think that we all know today is a day to celebrate the principle of freedom.

“And think about it in terms of the context of history, knowing that black people in America were not free for 400 years of slavery.

“Let this be a day that is a day to celebrate the principle of freedom, but to speak about it honestly and accurately, both in the context of history and current application.

“With the Emancipation Proclamation and Civil War, it required America to really ask itself, who is free?

“How do we define freedom? 

“Freedom in terms of the autonomy one should have? 

“Is freedom given to us or are we born with freedom? Right?

“I would argue it is our God-given right to have freedom. 

“It is your birthright to have freedom. And then during slavery, freedom was taken. 

“And so we’re not going to celebrate being given back what God gave us anyway, right?

“We should think about it also in terms of current application, asking is everyone we know free?

“Do we know anyone who is not free? Around the world do all people have freedom? 

“Are there those who are without freedom? 

“When we talk about freedom, are we talking about freedom from — or are we talking about the freedom to,” she said.

According to The New York Post:

“The first African slaves in what became the American colonies arrived in 1619 in Virginia. Slavery was abolished through the 13th Amendment, which was ratified in 1865 — ending 246 years of the practice, not 400.

“A White House official acknowledged Harris’ error, telling The Post that “the vice president was referring to 400 years since slavery began.”