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Liz Cheney’s ‘Star Witness’ Against Trump BUSTED Committing PERJURY 9 TIMES- LOOK!

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As you know the worthless J6 un-committee witch hunt brought out what was billed as a ‘STAR WITNESS’ who made absurd claims about President Trump and of course the FAKE NEWS gobbled it up.

But the fact is that their STAR WITNESS lied and committed PERJURY.

This freaking witch hunt is a bunch of crap, a waste of time and money and an act of desperation by the democrats to divert voter’s attention away from the absolutely disastrous Biden presidency and their destruction of America as well as to try to get PRESIDENT TRUMP tangled in their garbage to prevent him for running for president again.

Again it’s nothing but garbage, a one sided pile of trash that is costing us MILLIONS of dollars.


Liz Cheney brought in Cassidy Hutchinson as a surprise witness and the surprise is that she did not lie about her name, because she lied about everything else. There are other parts of her testimony that appear to be lies as well and I am sure we will find out about them soon enough. Cheney brought Hutchinson in to be seen on live television, but I assure you that the rebuttal witnesses will be questioned in private.

Cheney, who sabotaged her own political career is now just another Washington insider with an ax to grind and who could care less if the accusations are actually true. Fortunately, she will be out of politics for good in January of 2023. N0w, she is auditioning for CNN and MSNBC as she has destroyed all of her other options. She has given up on GOP support and has sent mailers to Democrats asking for their help.

From The Gateway Pundit:

1.) Cassidy Hutchinson said President Trump attempted to grab the steering wheel of “the beast” and wrestle control from the Secret Service on January 6th.

Truth: President Trump was not in “the beast” on January 6th.

Truth: Secret Service agents willing to testify against this ridiculous lie by young Cassidy. It never happened.

2.) Cassidy Hutchinson said President Trump grabbed the neck area of Secret Service agent Bobby Engel.

Truth: Bobby Engel willing to testify this was a lie.

3.) Cassidy Hutchinson said President Trump broke dishes and flipped tablecloths on January 6th.

Truth: President Trump refutes the nonsensical claim.

4.) Cassidy Hutchinson claimed to have written a handwritten note on January 6th.

Truth: Former White House lawyer Eric Herschmann wrote the note and testified to this fact under oath previously before the committee.

5.) Cassidy Hutchinson said her boss Mark Meadows called Roger Stone on January 5th to find out what would play out the next day on January 6th.

Truth: Roger Stone has never spoken to Mark Meadows outside of a conversation they held in a green room in 2019.

6.) Cassidy Meadows said Mark Meadows spoke with General Flynn on January 5th.

Truth: General Flynn has never had a phone conversation with Mark Meadows.

7.) Cassidy Hutchinson said General Flynn and Roger Stone participated by phone in a briefing in the war room in the Willard Hotel with Mark Meadows on January 5th.

Truth: Did not happen. Stone and Flynn have not spoken with Meadows on the phone, ever.

8.) Cassidy Hutchinson said Jeffrey Clark met with Rudy Giuliani and Trump campaign at White House.

Truth: This is false. They’ve never met or communicated.

9.) Cassidy Hutchinson testified that Trump’s White House counsel Pat Cipollone was at the White House on the morning of January 6, 2021.

Truth: Pat Cipollone was NOT at the White House on January 6.

(Cassidy claimed she had a conversation with Cipollone in which he was afraid of violence at the Capitol. Since he wasn’t there, this is an obvious lie.)



Look, we WILL take our country back from these COMMIES and when we do let’s hope the Republicans are aggressive in EVERY aspect of holding every single one of the scumbags responsible.






God Bless.

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