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Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul Buys Millions In Computer Chip Stocks Before Vote On Huge Subsidy Bill

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul Pelosi, fresh off a drunk driving charge, just bought up to $5 million in stock of a computer chip company ahead of a key vote on a bill that will hand billions in subsidies to boost chip manufacturing.

The bill was to address the threat our moronic overreliance on chip manufacturers based in foreign countries, specifically Taiwan, poses to our economy and national security. Like all things with Biden, the bill has been endlessly delayed.

So much so that one Intel plant meant to be built in Ohio could be in trouble without a quick passage of the bill. Biden, of course, has already been promoting the new plant as if construction was well underway. It is not.

But if we go by what stocks Paul Pelosi buys, Intel will be very happy.

Because Paul Pelosi purchased 20,000 shares of Nvidia, one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, on June 17, according to the speaker’s disclosure report. Pretty good timing. 

The vote to pass the bill could come as early as next week.

The bill provides $52 billion to boost domestic semiconductor manufacturing and gives tax credits for production.

According to The Daily Caller:

“Nvidia is a multinational corporation that designs and manufactures graphics processors and other technology, and is heavily reliant on semiconductors. 

“The House passed a bill in February that included $52 billion in domestic subsidies for the semiconductor industry, and chip companies, including Nvidia, demanded Congress in June move forward on finalizing semiconductor subsidies for domestic manufacturing.

From CNBC:

A large chip factory currently in the early stages of being built outside of Columbus, Ohio, could see its scope scaled back or construction delayed depending on what Congress does with the CHIPS Act, Intel said in a statement on Thursday.

The facility was announced in January and would be the most significant expansion of U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturing in years. Intel estimated the plant could cost as much as $100 billion and committed an initial investment of $20 billion.

“We are excited to begin construction on a new leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing plant in Ohio and grateful for the support of Governor DeWine, the state government and all our partners in Ohio.

As we said in our January announcement, the scope and pace of our expansion in Ohio will depend heavily on funding from the CHIPS Act,” an Intel spokesperson said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, CHIPS Act funding has moved more slowly than we expected and we still don’t know when it will get done.

It is time for Congress to act so we can move forward at the speed and scale we have long envisioned for Ohio and our other projects to help restore U.S. semiconductor manufacturing leadership and build a more resilient semiconductor supply chain,” the statement continued.

See Pelosi’s disclosure here.