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Joe Manchin Could Be in Serious Trouble with Democrats – Liberal Robert Reich Orders the Party to Kick the Senator Out

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The one person saving the Democratic Party from disaster is none other than Sen. Joe Manchin.

Because this moderate refuses to support Biden’s far-left socialist agenda, the county hasn’t fallen into worse times.

But Democrats don’t see it that way—and they are demanding this West Virginia leader get kicked out.

From Fox News:

Former Democratic Labor Secretary Robert Reich believes it may be time for Democrats to kick  Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., out of the party because they “already lost control over the Senate” and can’t get anything done despite appearing to have power.

How pathetic. Democrats have control over the House and can pass any bill they want.

They have plenty of power in the Senate, 50 senators in fact. There is no reason they can’t negotiate with these lawmakers are strike a deal.

But time and again Biden’s agenda has stalled because Joe Manchin (and a few others) are sane enough to resist him.

Now, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich is demanding the party kick Manchin out. What for?

For having enough sense to say know to Biden’s most extreme ideas.

Time and again, Manchin has refused to support bills that would increase the deficit, raise taxes, create abortion on demand, or add to runaway inflation.

These are all reasonable reasons to oppose a bill. It’s actually shocking that the rest of the party is on board with measures as drastic as packing the Supreme Court or hijacking our elections.

But while the rest of the Democratic Party is blinded by a lust for power, Manchin (who hails from a red state) is refusing to drink the Kool-Aid.

Democrats don’t realize he is the only thing keeping the party together. If he was replaced by another Democrat or supported their extreme views, voters would be angrier than they are now.

All the horrible consequences of Biden’s BBB bill and the “voting rights” bills and the abortion bill, would fall on their heads.

Voters would be so outraged to see Democrats happily supporting Biden’s worst ideas, that they’d vote the left out in a blink of an eye.

But, sure, kick Manchin out. He’d probably become a Republican, flipping the Senate even before the midterms!

Source: Fox News