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Supreme Court Rocks Nation with 5-4 Decision – For Now Biden’s Policy on Deporting Immigrants Just Got Frozen

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What’s Happening:

The Supreme Court is far from finished shattering the left’s agenda. We all know how, in recent days, the highest court in the land struck major blows to Biden’s plans.

Now, they just released a temporary decision that sets Biden’s open border scheme back.

From Fox News:

The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to freeze a lower court ruling that prevented the Biden administration from prioritizing for deportation only illegal immigrants who pose the greatest risk to public safety…

The court’s order leaves the policy frozen nationwide for now, and the court will hear arguments in the case later this year.

The Supreme Court refused to lift a lower court decision that prevented Biden’s DHS to only deport aliens who pose the “greatest threat” to our country.

Biden’s DHS pushed out a memo recently that would have prevented the government from deporting people, solely over the fact they illegally entered the country.

Mind you, based on the law, that is enough cause to remove someone from the country.

Biden’s DHS head Mayorkas was trying to set policy that would have made it impossible for any alien to be deported—unless there was strong evidence that they were dangerous.

How often do you think this administration would have deported people then? Probably never.

A lower court froze this policy, keeping the current rules in place. Biden’s administration quickly rushed to the Supreme Court.

It was hoping, at least, for the court to lift the lower court ruling, to keep as many border jumpers in America as possible.

But thanks to the Supreme Court, Biden’s questionable policy will not go into effect. The final verdict, however, will be decided by the court later this year.

How the court rules will have a tremendous effect on our border. The Supreme Court can stop Biden from keeping the border open, as it is right now.

Or, the court can rule that Biden can do whatever he wants, including ignoring immigration law that requires our border to be secured.

We’ll have to wait and find out.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Supreme Court decided 5-4 to freeze one of Biden’s deportation policies.
  • Biden’s DHS would only deport “great threats” to our country.
  • The final verdict will be decided later this year.

Source: Fox News