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Kevin Costner Sinks Own Show, Endorses Liz Cheney In Wyoming Primary

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GOP Rep Liz Cheney’s time is running out in Congress because no one expects her to win the GOP primary for her Wyoming Congressional seat. In her desperation, she begged Dem voters to switch parties for the primary to propel her to an unlikely victory.

But it looks bleak according to the polls so Cheney did what only a true tone-deaf politician can, she went Hollywood. Cheney landed an endorsement from Yellowstone star Kevin Costner and she proudly promoted it on social media captioning a picture of Kevin wearing a shirt that said: “I’m for Liz Cheney” with, “Real men put country over party.”

Costner, who has a history of supporting Dem candidates, said in 2020 about his politics: “I vote for who I think has the best interests of the country and how we sit in the world. The Democratic Party doesn’t represent everything that I think, and neither does the Republican Party right now — at all. So, I find it too limiting.”

But Kevin may have picked the wrong horse in this race because CNN went to Wyoming looking for Cheney voters and instead found a GOP electorate angry at Dick Cheney’s daughter.

CNN’s Randi Kaye said: “At Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming, we found plenty of Republican voters bucking the Cheney name, and vowing not to support Congresswoman Liz Cheney for a fourth term.”

“Are you planning to vote for Liz Cheney?” Kaye asked voter Sharon Tuggle who said, “Hell no, she’s done us dirty. Look at how she’s done Trump. She is supposed to be supporting him. She is a Republican for crying out loud.”

Kaye asked other Wyoming voters in the segment.

“Absolutely not,” said voter Andrew Kahler.

“Personally, I think she’s had three too many,” said another voter.

“I find her work on the Jan. 6 committee just repulsive,” said another voter.

“It’s all a hoax. It’s all propaganda,” said Kahler. “Has nothing to do with anything. It’s a witch hunt.”

“She has been an embarrassment,” said another voter.

“She doesn’t know what her constituents want here anymore because she’s lost touch with the values of the people,” said another voter.

“I don’t feel like she supports her people here in Wyoming anymore,” another voter said.

“The things that she’s voting for don’t really reflect what the people here in Wyoming feel.”

CNN found two Cheney supporters at Frontier Days.

“If they’re going to bow down and kiss the ring, I think I don’t want that from my representative. I want somebody who has the Constitution first and foremost in their mind,” said voter Dean Dexter.

“She’s got it even stronger now. She’s making a sacrifice.

“She is made a stand and she’s saying something is wrong and I agree with her. And each though that has a tremendous personal sacrifice.”

“I believe that she has a lot of that integrity also,” said voter Sean McKee.

 “She wants to maintain the integrity of the state. She wants to make it to where it’s not so much federally controlled.”