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Texas Governor Is Just Getting Started – After Sending Border Crossers to D.C., Abbott’s Looking at Other Blue Cities

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Blue city mayors are starting to chaff at Gov. Abbott’s plan to bus border jumpers to their cities. Both New York and D.C.’s mayors complained that all these “newcomers” were a burden to their cities.

(Funny how they didn’t mind when they overran small, Texas border towns.)

Perhaps these Democrats will wake up and smell the coffee. But the Texas governor revealed that he’s not done yet.

From Breitbart:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said that the state will continue sending buses of migrants to northern cities “until the Biden administration does its job to enforce the laws concerning the border.” And said that Texas is “looking at other cities to send them to.”

As Anthony Fauci once said, if what you’re doing is working you don’t stop it. And it looks like Gov. Abbott is in no way willing to slow down his migrant bus agenda.

He managed to get the mayors of two of the bluest cities in America to complain about border jumpers. Abbott invited the Democrats to come down and see the border—an invitation that has yet to be answered.

But Abbott revealed he has “other cities” he might send these migrants to.

Joe Biden, his DHS, and the rest of the Democratic Party have ignored the exploding border crisis. It seems they can do that because the problem is so far away.

Only a fraction of these invaders end up in their neck of the woods. So, Abbott is making sure Democrats get to face the consequences of their policies.

Abbott blasted Democrat leaders who refuse to acknowledge the border crisis, calling them hypocrites.

It appears they have no problem endorsing Biden’s open border policy, but they refuse to lift a finger to help.

During the interview, Abbott didn’t mention which new cities he was looking at. But they will no doubt be major, Democrat-run cities whose mayors have ignored this problem.

Already, his plan is having an effect. But how long before Democrat leaders pressure Biden to do something?

We don’t expect Joe to finish the wall, but at least enforce our immigration laws. Secure the border. Protect Americans from smugglers and traffickers.

That’s the very least he should be doing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Texas Gov. Abbott revealed he was looking at new cities to ship migrants to.
  • Mayors of New York and D.C. have complained about the “burden” these migrants place on them.
  • This comes as Biden ignores the exploding border crisis, which has raged since January 2021.

Source: Breitbart