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Arizona Supreme Court Puts George Soros in His Place – They Rule Against His Election Integrity Ballot Measure

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Democrats are scrambling to save themselves this November. But, instead of trying to win back voters, they are trying to game the system.

In Arizona, they are trying to undo a new election integrity law. Billionaire liberal donor, George Soros, spent big bucks to get a measure on the ballot that would remove this law.

But the state’s Supreme Court just gave him the bad news.

From Breitbart:

Supporters for election integrity scored a major victory Friday when the Arizona Supreme Court held that Proposition 210 — a ballot initiative to undo Arizona’s new election integrity law, financed with George Soros’s money — cannot be on the November ballot due to a lack of valid signatures.

As usual, Democrats tried to exploit the courts to undermine the will of the people.

Arizona lawmakers passed an election integrity law that would make it harder for people to cheat.

But George Soros-backed political groups staged a campaign to get rid of the law. They tried to get a measure on the ballot to overturn it.

To do so, they needed several hundred thousand signatures for the measure to appear on the ballot. The group claimed they got 475,000 signatures.

That sounded fishy to Republicans. After pushing back, the liberal-leaning Maricopa County judge claimed that 239,926 of those signatures were valid.

That just barely met the requirements. The state Supreme Court demanded the trial court explain how it validated these signatures.

The trial judge failed to justify his calculations and the state Supreme Court struck it down.

It seems Soros’ political groups, Way to Win and Arizonans for Free and Fair Elections, weren’t being very transparent about their signature-collecting process.

It takes plenty of scrutiny to ensure signatures are real. But it’s not impossible. For Democrats and this trial judge to fail to explain how they verified these signatures is suspect.

Does that mean there were more than a few fraudulent signatures? Well, they went from 475,000 to 239,926.

And even then, they couldn’t verify enough to pass the measure. Sounds pretty fishy to me.

This is a huge blow to the left’s agenda–which has worked hard to flip long-standing conservative states like Arizona.

But it won’t be their last attempt.

Key Takeaways:

  • Arizona Supreme Court struck down a move to overturn an election integrity law.
  • George Soros-backed groups tried to get the measure onto the November ballot.
  • The court ruled that the signatures collected could not be verified.

Source: Breitbart