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Joe Biden Needs To Crackdown On Joy Behar For Pushing False Trump Russia Story On The View Today

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The View co-host Sunny Hostin came clean after President Joe Biden’s big speech about Trump supporters not accepting his electoral win and admitted she was wrong to question the 2016 election while saying that Donald Trump “was not an illegitimate president.”

She said: “The assumption was, at least mine, I’ll speak for myself, that Russia must have been involved because we knew that from the Mueller report that Russia had some involvement, Russia thought that it could have benefitted from a Trump presidency, which it did by the way.

“But I remember calling him an illegitimate president, and that was wrong. I should not have said that.”

Co-host Joy Behar who must have missed Biden’s speech said “why” and Hostin said, “because he was not an illegitimate president.”

Whoopi, who also seemed to miss Biden’s speech, said:

“But that is how you felt. You had every right to say it.”

Hostin said:

“However, he remains a twice impeached, disgraced, one-term president

 “All of that is true.

“The Trump campaign did not coordinate with the Russians, and that’s where I think I was wrong.”

Enter Joy Behar:

“You don’t know that. 

‘You don’t know that he wasn’t talking to Putin.”

“There was an investigation, and we have to believe that when the FBI and the Department of Justice conduct investigations, we have to believe that. That is another tenet of our democracy,” said Hostin.

No one is defending Trump’s false election claims but if Biden is going to denounce people who push them he needs to denounce the people who are still pushing the false Trump Russia story because that piece of coordinated bullsh*t led millions to believe Trump was illegitimate. And some to still do, like Joy. 

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy brought up the same double standard when he grilled White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre about her old social media posts claiming Trump stole the election in 2016.

Doocy said: “You tweeted in 2016 that Trump stole an election.” Jean-Pierre smiled and said: “I knew this was coming.”

Doocy said: “If denying election results is extreme now, why wasn’t it then?” Jean-Pierre: “That comparison that you made is just ridiculous.” Doocy kept at it and Jean-Pierre said:

“Let me answer it, I was talking specifically at that time of what was happening with voting rights and what was in danger of voting rights. That’s what I was speaking to at the time.

“And here’s the thing, I have said Governor Kemp won the election in Georgia I’ve been clear about that.

“I have said President Trump won the election of 2016.

“I’ve been clear about that.

“What we are talking about right now is, let’s not forget what happened on January 6 2021 when we saw an insurrection a mob that was incited by the person who occupied this campus, this facility at that time.

“I was an attack on our democracy.

“Let’s not forget people died that day.

“Law enforcement were attacked that day.

“That was the danger that we were seeing at the time that’s what the president has called out and that’s what he’s going to continue to call out. 

“So yes when you have mega republicans, an extreme part of republicans, who just deny or do not want to really say what exactly happened on that day.

“Or say it was a protest when it clearly was not a peaceful protest.

“That’s not what we saw on that day yes the president is going to call that out. 

“And here’s the thing, the majority of Americans agree with him, the majority of Americans agree with this president on protecting our democracy protecting our freedom and protecting our rights that’s what we’re talking about today and that’s what the president’s going to focus on.”