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After Dem Governor Orders Republicans to Leave Her State – Hochul Quickly Gets Major Backlash in New York

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What’s Happening:

So… Republicans are the intolerant ones, right? At least, that’s what Democrats keep saying.

Yet who has been showing nothing but hostility to millions of Americans… just because of how they vote? Not Republicans, I can tell you that.

In fact, the woman who wouldn’t be governor if it weren’t for Andrew Cuomo’s scandal just told Republicans to leave New York.

Oh, she got an earful.

From Fox News:

“We’re here to say that the era of Trump and Zeldin and Molinaro – just jump on a bus and head down to Florida you belong. Get out of town,” she said.

“You don’t represent our values,” she added…

“Hochul is flat out attacking not just GOP politicians, but GOP voters. This is just normal behavior for Democrats now,” […]

“Ironically if all 3.27 million Trump voters in NY voted for @leezeldin in November, it would be enough votes to beat Kathy Hochul,” […]

Woman who apparently wishes to remain Governor insults millions of New Yorkers for the sin of disagreeing with her. Nice look, ma’am.”

Wow. How arrogant can Democrats get?

Far-left Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul ordered Republicans to “get out” of the state. She slammed conservatives saying they “don’t represent” her and her party’s “values.”

What were the Democrats’ values again? Locking up schools and churches? Taxing working-class Americans?

Sending jobs to China? Opening the border? Threatening our jobs over mandates?

This Democrat is so smug, so full of herself, she thinks she can get away with insulting millions of her own people.

Democrats have the audacity of accusing Trump and his people of dividing the country. Um… Trump never told Americans to “get out” of their own communities.

But Hochul is so full of hate, that she can’t stand the fact that millions of New Yorkers are Republicans.

Ironically, people are getting out of New York. Hochul and her allies have turned the Big Apple into a laughing stock.

Garbage covers the streets. Every other store is shut down. Homeless run the city, along with gangs and drug dealers.

Anyone with half a brain left a long time ago. And if those Republicans do leave, what will Hochul be left with?

Entitled leftists who demand the government pay for everything.

Good job, Kathy.

Key Takeaways:

  • New York Gov. Hochul told Republicans to “get out” saying they didn’t belong.
  • Users blasted the woman online, accusing her of intolerance.
  • Democrats have long said Republicans are intolerant while threatening and slandering conservatives.

Source: Fox News