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Elon Musk Puts Google On Notice, Suggests He’ll Work With Dan Bongino’s YouTube Competitor Rumble In Future

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Free speech champion Tesla CEO Elon Musk put Google on notice over the censorship on its YouTube video platform suggesting he will work with Dan Bongino’s YouTube competitor Rumble.

Bongino has an equity stake in Rumble and was one of the first prominent media figures to embrace the YouTube alternative. 

It started when Hollywood celebrity and free speech advocate Russel Brand complained that he was censored by YouTube for making a small mistake, one he notes the mainstream media made as well but suffered zero consequences because Brand says YouTube is now part of the mainstream media

Musk responded, “Good point.”

Bongino jumped at the chance to pitch his company saying:

“Elon, it would be really incredible if you and Rumble got together. A force multiplier like no other.”

Musk replied,

“I’m a little preoccupied right now.”

Rumble’s founder, Chris Pavlovksi, jumped in:

“Elon, I founded Rumble and forever wanted to work with you. 

“Below is from 2010 when I visited SpaceX. 

“I was ready 12 years ago, and I’m ready 12 years from now. 

“Whenever you’re ready.

“In the meantime, let’s peer our datacenters with Starlink to secure free speech.”

Musk responded, “Maybe worth talking at some point.”

Elon Musk issued a warning earlier that Biden and the Fed were on track to crash the economy because they are misreading key economic indicators.

Wharton Business School professor Jeremy Siegel said:

“It’s like a pendulum. They were way too easy, as I’ve told you and many others, through 2020, 2021. And now, Oh my God, we’re going to be real tough guys until we crush the economy.

“Poor monetary policy would be an understatement.

“Honestly, I think Chairman Powell should offer the American people an apology for such poor monetary policy that he has pursued, and the Fed has pursued, over the past few years.

“Chairman Powell talked quite a bit about JOLTS data — the job opening and labor turnover data. How tight it is.

“Interesting thing, I look back a year ago September, it was exactly as tight as it is today.

“And he never said anything about inflation. What’s caused him to change his mind?

“It’s the same data.

“It seems to me wrong for Powell to say we’re going to crush wage increases, we’re going to crush the worker, when that is not the cause of the inflation.

“The cause of the inflation was excessive monetary accommodation for the last two years,” he said.

“Siegel is obviously correct,” Musk said in response to Siegel.