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Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Get Narcissistic: “We were the reason Fox News was created”

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Hillary and Chelsea Clinton showed their narcissistic sides during an interview with Variety to promote their new show Gutsy. Hillary was asked if she would have won the 2016 election if Facebook wasn’t around, and while she would not answer directly, she gave up the game by saying Cambridge Analytica and the Trump campaign used Facebook to spread ‘disinformation.’

It is a bogus charge, and it is sad for her to still make it all these years later. Let it go, Hillary, you lost. She ran a horrendous campaign and the same ticket-splitting that plagued Trump in Arizona and Georgia ruined Hillary in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Over 50,000 Dem voters in Mighigan left the president slot blank because they couldn’t vote for Hillary or Trump. Chelsea also made the astounding narcissistic statement that Fox News was created to target the Clinton family.

Below are some excerpts from the interview:

Q: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said recently in an interview with GQ that part of her believes there could never be a woman president. Do you agree?

Hillary: No, I don’t agree with that. I do agree it’s really hard. I agree that the double standard is alive and well. And so therefore any woman in politics or any walk of life faces challenges that men who are equivalent in experience don’t face. 

“I believe that I came so close, I got more votes, unprecedented things happened to me — we all learned a lot from that campaign. I do think it’s possible. I do think it’s hard. There’s a line from one of my favorite movies, “A League of Their Own”: “If it wasn’t hard, anybody could do it.”

“I would also add that there is a feeling of increasing pushback to women’s ambitions and roles. We see it obviously with the Supreme Court, but social media has enhanced misogyny and sexism. It’s hurtful, because it becomes part of the ecosystem. 

“There are a lot of good points that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez made in the article that I do agree with, but I think we will get there. But everybody needs to go after that goal with clear eyes and understanding how hard it is.

Q: When a number of women ran for president in 2020, did you caution them?

Hillary: I was delighted that so many women ran, because we need to break the myth of the token woman. The more women who actually run, who are mixing it up at the highest levels of politics, the better it is.

I met with and talked to every woman with the exception of one or two. The ones I knew well, I talked to them and gave them advice, but they had to experience it to understand it. It’s such a high-wire act with no net; until you’re on it, you cannot know how you’re going to be responding.

Q: In a world where Facebook had never been invented, would you have won the 2016 election?

Hillary: I can’t do that hypothetical. We know that they were unfortunately instrumental in permitting Cambridge Analytica and the Trump campaign to engage in a massive campaign of mis- and disinformation. I think that would’ve been harder, but I can’t hypothesize about what would have been different.

Q: Chelsea, did serving as a campaign surrogate for your mother twice give you a different perspective on politics?

Chelsea: I wasn’t surprised by the intensity of reaction — on both the incredibly supportive, affirmative and positive side or the cruel, vitriolic, meanness side. I wasn’t surprised by the lies or the efforts to obfuscate and gaslight. But what I found not necessarily surprising, but a “wow” moment, was the relentlessness of it. No one individual experience felt like “This is what it is like to campaign for a woman to be our next president.” But the relentlessness was exhausting in a way that I had not anticipated.

Q: Your family was the first great target of Fox News’ approach.

Chelsea: We were the reason that Fox News was created. Because Rupert Murdoch recognized a great market opportunity.

See the full interview here.