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Woke Hollywood Celeb Comes To Grim Realization: I Won’t Be Woke Enough For The Left One Day

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Woke Hollywood celebrity Patton Oswalt came to a grim realization that he can never be woke enough and will be canceled by the very mob he calls home.

He said, “I’m woke. But you know what? I won’t be someday. Be woke, be open-minded, just don’t pat yourself on the back, because it will bite you in the ass..”

According to Yahoo, “Oswalt does predict that as he continues to age, he will inevitably fail to keep up with the progress of society and risk getting “canceled” for expressing opinions that are no longer acceptable.”

He wrote on Instagram earlier about his friend Dave Chapelle:

“I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time this New Year’s Eve. We’ve known each other since we’re teens. He’s a fellow comedian, the funniest I’ve ever met. I wanted to post a pic & an IG story about it — so I did. The friend is Dave Chappelle. 

“Thirty four YEARS we’ve been friends. He’s refocused and refined ideas a lot of us took as settled about race & history & Life On Planet Earth and spun them around with a phrase or punchline. We’ve done bad & good gigs, open mikes & TV tapings. But we also 100% disagree about transgender rights & representation. 

“I support trans peoples’ rights — ANYONE’S rights — to live safely in the world as their fullest selves. For all the things he’s helped ME evolve on, I’ll always disagree with where he stands NOW on transgender issues. 

“But I also don’t believe a seeker like him is done evolving, learning. You know someone that long, see the struggles and changes, it’s impossible to cut them off. Impossible not to be hopeful and open and cheer them on. 

“Also, I’ve been carrying a LOT of guilt about friends I’ve cut off, who had views with which I couldn’t agree, or changed in ways I couldn’t live with. Sometimes I wonder — did I and others cutting them off make them dig their heels in deeper, fuel their ignorance with a nitro-boost of resentment and spite? I’m an LGBTQ ally. 

“I’m a loyal friend. 

“There’s friction in those traits that I need to reconcile myself, and not let cause feels of betrayal in ANYONE else. 

“And I’m sorry, truly sorry, that I didn’t consider the hurt this would cause. 

“Or the DEPTH of that hurt. I’ve been messaging a lot on IG today, and the back and forth has really helped guide me in the writing of this. 

“I (naively) deleted a lot of posts in the comment thread — critical ones from LGBTQ writers AND shit-posts by TERF/anti-trans orcs looking for clicks & giggles. I wanted a “nice comment thread” about the pic with my friend. 


“So easy to think someone ELSE needs growth and miss the need in yourself. Gonna keep trying,” he wrote.