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Biden Gives Senior Citizens a Concerning Report – More Than a Quarter of Americans Just Delayed their Retirement

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What’s Happening:

We’re not sure why Democrats keep pretending that Joe Biden knows what he’s doing. They’ve gotten the media to claim we are not facing crippling inflation and a recession.

But the facts don’t lie, nor does that balance in your checking account. Thanks to Biden, Americans are struggling to make ends meet. And signs point to it getting worse.

And, just like in the recession of 2008, Americans who were about to enter retirement are forced to reconsider.

From CNBC:

A survey by the American Advisors Group found that more than a third of Americans today feel unprepared or unsure if they are on track for retirement. And nearly a third of seniors say they either plan to work through the age of 70 or never retire, according to a study by BlackRock…

“If we don’t do anything about it, years down the line you’re going to wind up with a lot more seniors in poverty and reliance on public services.”

How nice. Thanks to Biden’s reckless spending, socialist moves, and lack of leadership, one-third of Americans feel unprepared to retire.

Many seniors can’t even retire. They will be forced to work until they’re 70–or never retire at all.

That’s a pretty grim prospect for anyone, I don’t care how old you are.

How do you like your parents or grandparents, working their fingers to the bone because their retirement savings were wiped out?

People who should be enjoying their golden years, with family and grandkids, taking tickets at a movie theater, or flipping burgers.

Something’s not right, folks. The American dream has been forfeited by Joe so that aliens and foreign interests can take all our money.

Our parents and grandparents, who worked so hard to build this country, can’t even take a break. All because Joe Biden and the Democrats burned through trillions in less than two years.

And plan to make things even worse, should they keep or expand their majority this November.

Biden has long pretended to care about America’s seniors. But nothing he’s done has helped them in any way.

Inflation is wiping out most Americans’ financial gains. The cost of living keeps getting higher. Gas prices are going back up. And a crippled energy market and supply chain are making everyone’s lives harder.

Yet nobody is willing to put the blame on this liberal puppet in the White House?

Key Takeaways:

  • Thanks to rising inflation, nearly one-third of American seniors can’t retire.
  • Most will work until they are 70–or will never be able to retire.
  • This is the result of Biden’s failed economic moves, which have crippled America’s prosperity.

Source: CNBC