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Biden’s Press Secretary Implodes Over Reporter Grilling – Jean-Pierre Admits Inflation Began the Same Time Joe Passed Rescue Plan

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What’s Happening:

The midterm elections are a few weeks away. Early voting is starting in many states next week. Biden is out of time trying to convince Americans to keep his party in power–after nearly two years of failure.

As usual, the old man is relying on his struggling press team to polish his crumbling administration. But not even the liberal media was on Karine Jean-Pierre’s side. First off, she tried to prove Biden wasn’t behind inflation.

Except, she actually proved the opposite.

From Twitter:

REPORTER: “18 months ago when the president took office, inflation and gas prices starting rising.”

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE: “18 months ago the president signed the American Rescue Plan”

Oops! Inflation started, just as Biden entered office and signed the “American Rescue Plan” into law.

That’s hardly a coincidence. And KJP did a pretty good job connecting the dots.

Reporters did not let up on her. One even leveled a painful accusation against Biden. This is how she answered.

Lol, ouch! She couldn’t even provide a decent answer, because there is none. Nobody thinks Biden is doing a good job on inflation.

Even his “Inflation Reduction Act” was criticized, as some experts say it will do nothing to effectively lower inflation. Jean-Pierre, of course, denies that.

But when reporters asked when that act will “kick in” and lower inflation, she didn’t have much of an answer.

From Just the News:

On Monday, a reporter asked White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for a timeline on when Americans can start feeling some relief from historically high inflation.

“In regards to the Inflation Reduction Act, early next year they will see some of the pieces of that when you think about energy costs, when you think about the Medicare kind of benefits from that,” responded Jean-Pierre. “So, we’ll see some movement on that early next year.”

Really? “Early next year”? That’s the best the White House can offer us? Democrats passed a bill that will raise taxes, further cripple fossil fuels, drive jobs overseas, and cost America trillions.

Yet KJP can’t even give us a precise time when this will supposedly help us? She couldn’t even give a good indication of how it will help us.

She mumbled something about “energy costs” and “Medicare.” When even Bernie Sanders admitted this bill won’t lower Medicare costs–or health care costs for anyone.

And energy costs? How is taxing oil and gas billions in new taxes going to lower energy costs? Most Americans depend on fossil fuels to keep the lights on. All the money Biden is throwing at “green” energy isn’t going to lower costs any time soon.

In fact, we can expect gas prices and electricity prices to skyrocket, as this bill takes effect.

And even liberal reporters are seeing through the White House’s bull.

Key Takeaways:

  • Reporters blasted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre over Biden’s inflation.
  • The press secretary couldn’t answer why Americans are blaming Joe Biden for inflation.
  • She claimed that the “Inflation Reduction Act” would take effect “early next year.”
  • This comes as most polls show Biden underwater by a large margin over inflation.

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