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DeSantis Ships Migrants to 2 New Blue States – Florida Undocumenteds Are About to Head to Illinois and Delaware

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Democrats were ignoring the border crisis for nearly two years–until Florida Gov. DeSantis got involved. He was able to throw a wrench into the left’s plan by flying just 50 aliens to Martha’s Vineyard.

The Democrats’ hypocrisy was exposed, as the super-elite of MV scrambled to get rid of these “undesirables” even claiming they couldn’t support just 50 people. The story shook the left’s narrative and brought more attention to the millions of outsiders flooding our border.

So, DeSantis is doing it again.

From Daily Caller:

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis intends on sending more migrant aliens to two states considered Democratic strongholds…

DeSantis spokesperson said that the Governor’s administration is poised to send more migrants to Illinois, as well as President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware…

Approximately 100 migrants will reportedly be distributed between the two states, according to the outlet.

This move could have a profound impact on the governor’s race in Illinois. The current liberal governor is facing increasingly tough odds.

Anything could tip the balance in Republicans’ favor. And DeSantis plans on sending more aliens to Illinois, exposing the Democrats’ hypocritical “sanctuary” policies.

On top of that, the governor will send more border jumpers to Delaware, Joe Biden’s home state.

Let’s just see how these “compassionate” Democrats react to a steady stream of outsiders flooding their communities.

Democrats were fine with the open border when it only hurt Texas, Arizona, and Florida. But as soon as Republican governors started sending just a fraction of the invaders to deep-blue states, the left flipped out.

Hey, they already control those states. They don’t need migrants to skew elections. I mean! They can’t handle more outsiders being a burden on their welfare programs.

Yeah, forget all that stuff about swaying elections in red and swing parts of the country. That is not what Biden is trying to do by leaving the border open, ignoring our immigration laws, and bussing migrants into middle America.

DeSantis is throwing Biden’s mess right in his face. We’ll see how Democrats react to these moves now.

I doubt they’ll be happy about it.

Key Takeaways:

  • DeSantis will send more aliens to Illinois and Delaware.
  • This is after the governor made waves by flying migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.
  • Democrats ignored the border crisis until Republicans shipped border jumpers to their cities.

Source: Daily Caller