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Elon Musk Puts Hollywood Celebrities Quitting Twitter On Notice: “Twitter usage is at an all-time high lol”

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Twitter CEO put the whiny Hollwydoo celebrities crying the sky if falling because Musk will make Twitter better on notice saying user numbers have exploded across the globe. Musk said:

“Twitter user numbers have increased significantly around the world since the deal was announced. And these are very early days. As Twitter becomes by far the most reliable source of truth, it will be indispensable. Twitter usage is at an all-time high lol. I just hope the servers don’t melt!”

A Twitter user said: “It is interesting how multiple polls show that most respondents think Twitter will likely be somewhat better in the future, but the conversation on Twitter itself is dominated by confident predictions of catastrophe. I wish there were good prediction markets to advocate for.”

Musk responded with a chart showing the skyrocketing user data.

The Verge saw some internal documents that back up Musk’s claims:

Twitter’s daily user growth hit “all-time highs” during the first full week of Elon Musk owning the platform, according to a company document obtained by The Verge.

Since Musk’s dramatic takeover, Twitter’s monetizable daily user (mDAU) growth has accelerated to more than 20 percent, while “Twitter’s largest market, the US, is growing even more quickly,” according to an internal FAQ obtained by The Verge that was shared with Twitter’s sales team on Monday to use in conversations with advertisers.

Per the FAQ, Twitter has added more than 15 million mDAUs, “crossing the quarter billion mark” since the end of the second quarter, when it stopped reporting financials as a public company.

…It also restates Musk’s claim that Twitter won’t change its content moderation policies until it forms and convenes a “content moderation council of widely diverse viewpoints.” It’s unclear if Musk knows that Twitter already has a Trust and Safety Council of outside experts.

Another part of the FAQ highlights how quickly things are changing inside Twitter right now: it says that the coming revamp of the Twitter Blue subscription that introduces paid verification “will not affect existing verified accounts at this time” and that “large brand advertisers who are already verified will now have an additional ‘Official’ label beneath their name upon Twitter Blue’s relaunch this week.”