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Former Twitter Boss Finally Admitted It – The Site Made a “Mistake” In Censoring 2020’s Hunter Laptop

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New Twitter boss Elon Musk has been making plenty of waves since taking over. He’s even incurred the wrath of the White House.

But many social media users are more interested in uncovering the wrongs of the previous owners. Specifically, they want to know just how much “disinformation” was actively suppressed.

This includes the infamous Hunter Biden laptop — and now a former Twitter executive has made a stunning confession.

Yoel Roth was the social media giant’s former “safety chief,” and an avowed Trump-hater. He briefly acted as Twitter’s “top censor,” and now he’s speaking out regarding one big “mistake.”

For a long time, Twitter was accused of banning any potential information or evidence related to the Hunter Biden scandal.

This included taking down posts they deemed “misinformation” and silencing those who spoke out about the topic. Unfortunately, we’ve since learned that much of that “disinformation” was real.

As a result, Roth was forced to admit to the Daily Mail:

Twitter’s former ‘safety chief,’ Trump-hating leftist Yoel Roth, recently admitted that censoring the infamous Hunter Biden laptop story — which was published just weeks before the 2020 presidential election — was a ‘mistake.’

At the time, Roth claimed the staff “did not know what was true,” even though multiple news outlets – such as the New York Post – had reported on the laptop.

The former executive resigned after Musk’s $44 billion takeover, and said the news story “set off every single one of my finely tuned APT28 hack and leak campaign bells.”

Now, things have changed abruptly:

After being asked if censoring the story ‘was a mistake,’ the former Twitter chief replied: ‘In my opinion, yes.’

This admission comes hot on the heels of Musk promising to release files that proves Twitter’s “free speech suppression.”

If those files really do contain such evidence, it will prove to be a bombshell revelation — but likely only for certain mainstream news outlets. Millions of conservatives claim they’ve felt the suppression for years.

This would just be vindication for those who’ve been calling out Twitter for a very long time.

Apparently, there’s even evidence that the social media company “interfered in elections,” and Musk plans to make all those documents public as well. That could lead to even more explosive headlines.

In the meantime, it’s interesting to see a former high-ranking Twitter executive admit they made a crucial mistake.

Of course, it begs the question for many citizens: what other censorship “mistakes” did they make?

Key Takeaways:

  • Twitter’s former “top censor” made a confession about suppressing Hunter Biden laptop info.
  • He said that while the staff “didn’t know what was true,” it was a “mistake” to censor the story.
  • New owner Elon Musk plans to release files on Twitter’s free speech suppression.

Source: Breitbart