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Victim Slams Chicago Carjacker Headfirst Into L Track Support Beam

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A victim threw a Chicago carjacker into an L-track support beam after beating the man senseless in another example of how Chicago residents are forced to fend for themselves as the politicians fail the city.

A Twitter account, 16th & 17th District Chicago Police Scanner, posted the video you can see below with the warning: “If you don’t like this response by the would-be police and also don’t want police, this is what street justice looks like and oftentimes, it’s much, much, much less forgiving than the court system.”

CWB Chicago said Chicago carjackings are way up in 2023: “Carjacking reports citywide remained high last year but began to taper off from record levels as the “Kia Boy” craze swept the city last summer.

“Chicago police recorded 140 carjackings last month, down from 206 in December 2021. Even with the decline, last month was the third-worst for carjackings in the city since 2001, according to city records.

“But this year is starting on the wrong foot. The city had 42 carjackings during the first five days of January, the most recent day for which the city’s data is available. 

“That’s up from 24 during the same days last year and 28 in 2021.”

According to Fox32:

Chicago police are warning residents of the Old Town, South Lawndale, McKinley Park, Lower West Side, Brighton Park and West Town neighborhoods to watch out for criminals who are stealing cars, then using those stolen cars to commit more crimes.

Police said they have struck at least 11 times this month.

The criminals get the cars by targeting drivers who have left their cars running on the street or at gas stations.

The cars are then used to commit armed robberies and more carjackings. The next victims are targeted while at ATMs at banks and drive-thrus. The second set of victims are robbed, and sometimes they are carjacked as well.

The suspects threaten victims with rifles and handguns, police said.