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Megyn Kelly Catches Don Lemon Disrespecting Female Co-Host On Live TV, Calls For CNN To Take Action

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Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly busted CNN’s Don Lemon being disrespectful to a female co-host on live television and asked CNN brass how long they will let this go on.

Lemon has been under fire after it leaked that he had a meltdown and screamed at co-host Kaitlin Collins rattling the cast and crew. Collins interviewed a GOP Rep yesterday who defended his investigation into the biggest scandal since Watergate, the Twitter files, and said he would get answers as to why the FBI pushed to ban the New York Post from Twitter.

The GOP Rep called the oldest newspaper in America a ‘credible outlet’ and that set Don Lemon off. Which is ironic because the Post was right about Hunter’s laptop and CNN was wrong. 

Lemon said: “That’s the time that we’re in, where facts are sort of flexible and you just throw things out there ­– citing uncredible sources, like citing the New York Post as a credible source and saying that facts are – it’s just…

“I can’t believe that we’re here.”

Co-host Poppy Harlow fact-checked Lemon in real time saying Collins did a great job in the interview and called out the GOP Rep when needed.

Lemon started talking but CNN played music to cut to a commercial when Don said:

“Hold on please with the music.

“American people are going to have to suffer through all of this stuff from election deniers to people who don’t believe in facts.

“We don’t have a shared reality. 

“And now it has taken center stage,” he said.

Harlow tried praising Collins again but Lemon wasn’t having it.

Enter Megyn Kelly:

I have co-anchored with the best of them.

“Never has a colleague so disrespectfully tried to “correct” my interview on the air or “mansplain” to me how I did it all wrong in front of the audience no less.

“CNN-how much longer are u going to allow this to go on?

“Good for @PoppyHarlowCNN for standing up for her colleague.”

Later in the show, most likely after he was told what a jerk he looked like, Lemon said:

“As I was watching that very good interview by Kaitlin Collins with Comer, and I had to come out and say something because he is citing sources as credible that are not credible, he is talking about facts of something that’s kind of flexible, and maybe you believe one thing or maybe another, facts are facts.”