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Watch As Whoopie DEFENDS CHICOMS Spying On America, Says GOP Is The Real Threat

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The View has been a hotbed of Marxist moral relativism recently, with Whoopi Goldberg leading the charge. On Monday, Whoopi tried to downplay and defend Communist China’s violation of U.S. airspace with a spy balloon last week and over the weekend by making the absurd claim that since “we spy on them, it’s natural that they would spy on us.”

It’s not just Whoopi, though. Sunny Hostin suggested that the Pentagon was right to keep Trump in the dark about the breaches of U.S. airspace, because they couldn’t trust the then-President. Hostin said, “I think because he didn’t trust his military advisers, I don’t think they trusted him with sensitive information and perhaps they had it and didn’t share it. We’ve had many military officials come out and say, ‘We couldn’t trust Trump with the information so we provided less and less briefings because he didn’t want to read that much anyway.’”

Ana Navarro then took shots at Republicans, rather than the Chinese balloon, and accused them of doing China’s bidding by “turn[ing] this into this big drama. You know, that there’s senators and people shooting, pointing guns.”

(Fact check: No senators shot or pointed guns at the spy balloon).

The only person speaking sense at the table was Alyssa Farah Griffin, who was a DoD press secretary under Trump. Farah Griffin argued that the U.S. had the ability to shoot down the balloon long before it made it over the continental United States. She said, “It went completely across the country and for it not to be shot down before it got to the other side, that’s a victory [for Beijing].”

It’s clear that Whoopi, Sunny Hostin, and Ana Navarro are more interested in deflecting criticism from President Biden and the Pentagon than they are in defending the United States from foreign aggression. They seem to think that it’s somehow acceptable for China to spy on us and that it’s only fair since we do the same to them. They also seem to think that it’s more important to take shots at Republicans than it is to hold China accountable for their actions.


This kind of thinking is dangerous and undermines our national security. It is not acceptable for China or anyone else to spy on us and we must hold them accountable for their actions. We need to be proactive in protecting our citizens and our country from foreign aggression and not rely on moral relativism to excuse or downplay it.


God Bless.

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