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Roseanne Barr Settles Score, Gets Revenge On Joy Behar: “Joy Behar Did Blackface You Didn’t Fire Her”

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Roseanne Barr is back and settling old Hollywood scores and they all deserve it. One of her most outspoken critics, The View co-host Joy Behar, felt the brunt of Roseanne’s revenge.

Barr made her return to the national spotlight with a new hilarious standup special that goes after, as a good comic should, everyone. Including, the abortion movement, Fauci, and her own kids.

When promoting the show Barr unloaded on the Hollywood ingrates who turned their backs on her when she was at her weakest moment. What makes it shocking is everyone in Hollywood, especially comedians, have had their moments when they said things that caused a backlash.

Look at Don Lemon yesterday. He insulted every woman in America and will most likely avoid what happened to Roseanne.

In an interview on Fox News “Outnumbered” on Tuesday, comedian Roseanne Barr slammed ABC for taking her show away when they did nothing to other network stars who wore blackface.

She said: “I’m being used by a political machine which has exposed itself over the interceding five years since.

“I say, you should’ve allowed me to go on your other news shows, particularly those ones hosted by people who have done blackface and you never fired them.

“Joy Behar did blackface, you didn’t fire her. 

Barr praised Judd Apatow for defending her: “Now I can’t remember his name, but I gave him his first job and he’s a huge director—not Joss Whedon, but the guy who directed 40-Year-Old Virgin.”

She says in her special: “I look out my bedroom window, I can’t believe it, I see all these gorgeous little tiny baby deer in my yard eating the grass around my pool.

‘It’s so fantastic, you know, ‘cause I can pull out my AR-15 and just blow ‘em to smithereens. Legally! So fantastic. Open carry, bitches, hell yeah!”

According to TV Insider Roseanne is an inspiration to other conservative stars:

“It’s funny. People used to ask me years ago, ‘How have you kept this character alive for as long as you have already?’

And I said, ‘Well, it’s like waking up in the morning,’” Grammer replied.

“Life is interesting, and so a character that sort of walks hand-in-hand with you through your lifetime is equally interesting as long as you don’t drop the ball, as long as you don’t stop caring. And so, I never stopped caring.”

“It was actually when Roseanne [Barr] got her show back on, I thought to myself, ‘Oh, you know, Frasier’s kind of interesting. We could maybe play him again,’” Grammer added with a smile.