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Democrat Cat Fight Breaks Out – Kamala Refuses to Return Phone Calls from Senator Warren

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What’s Happening:

We can all agree on one thing: Kamala Harris should not be in public office. We’re not just talking about the office of the “vice president.” Harris was a bad attorney and senator. As Biden’s VP, she has failed to distinguish herself in any way. In fact, she is so bad, some think she shouldn’t be Joe’s 2024 running mate.

But don’t dare say that to Kamala’s face. If there’s one thing the old girl is good at, it’s holding a grudge. One liberal senator made the mistake of crossing Kamala’s path recently. It looks like a feud is brewing between these two Democrats. And the “vice president” is silently raging at her.

From The Washington Examiner:

Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly is not returning Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) phone calls due to comments the senator made back in January.

Warren has called Harris at least twice to apologize for comments she made in a Boston radio interview about whether Harris should remain President Joe Biden’s running mate in 2024 — remarks she has since maintained were a mistake, CNN reported.

Lol, this is rich. Back in January, we covered an interview where Sen. Elizabeth Warren admitted that Kamala Harris was not fit to lead. She refused to say that Harris should come back as Biden’s second in his 2024 campaign.

She said she’d “defer to want makes Biden comfortable.” Warren didn’t outright criticize Harris, but she didn’t openly endorse her. That is the same as an insult, in Harris’s paranoid, tiny mind. According to reports, Harris claims she intends to run again with Biden. Old Joe has refused to announce his 2024 campaign.

And he certainly hasn’t committed to Harris being his running mate. Many Democrats are urging Biden to find someone else. Harris is clearly an anchor that is dragging down an already struggling administration.

But we find it hilarious that Warren has to grovel to this imbecile, begging for forgiveness. Twice, she’s called Harris to apologize. And, according to reports, Harris has not returned her calls. What a burn!

How pathetic do you have to be to be iced by Harris? Kamala doesn’t have anything going on. She has virtually zero responsibilities within this White House. She has plenty of time to return someone’s call.

But she is giving old Liz the cold shoulder.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kamala Harris is refusing to return Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s phone calls.
  • Warren refused to endorse Harris for a second turn during an interview in January.
  • Harris has reportedly said she intends to run again as Biden’s running mate.

Source: Washington Examiner