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Kevin McCarthy Drops Hammer on Biden – The Speaker Just Drew a Line in the Sand: No “Clean Debt Ceiling”

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What’s Happening:

Joe Biden was gloating after the midterm elections in 2022. The old man seemed to think he successfully staved off a “red wave.” What he didn’t seem to realize, back then, was that Republicans retaking the House spelled doom for his agenda.

With Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, Biden’s spending spree is over. But it’s worse for Joe. If he wants to do anything he promised, he needs McCarthy and Republicans to agree to raise the debt ceiling. Biden has foolishly said he wants it raised with no conditions. But the House Speaker just rained on his parade.

From Breitbart:

U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told Breitbart News in no uncertain terms that the House of Representatives this year will not pass a clean debt ceiling hike without spending cuts and that the House will not raise taxes…

“We’re not going to raise taxes and we’re not going to pass a clean debt ceiling.”

“I told the president we have to spend less money,” McCarthy added.

Speaker McCarthy blasted Joe Biden’s reckless spending by vowing the House will not pass a “clean debt ceiling.” Republicans will not agree to blindly allow Biden to borrow endless trillions to achieve his dream of turning America into a bankrupt socialist dictatorship.

McCarthy warned that previous societies collapsed when they “over-extended” themselves. He warned that America could be in trouble if Biden keeps spending cash we do not have. But Biden doesn’t seem to realize that. Maybe it’s because he knows he’ll be long-dead before the worst of it hits.

Maybe not. But Biden will have to negotiate with House Republicans if he wants to get anything done in the next two years. Even his re-election chances are in doubt. If he can’t get any passed, he has nothing to brag about in 2024. His entire presidency is DOA if he’s too stupid to refuse to negotiate.

McCarthy has all the cards. House Republicans can broker a deal that slashes taxes and spending, in return for raising the debt ceiling. But can Biden and his bitter, partisan Democrats put aside their greed to work with Republicans?

We have no idea. Chances are, they won’t. And Biden’s administration will come crashing down.

Key Takeaways:

  • Speaker McCarthy vowed he will not pass a “clean debt ceiling” bill.
  • The Republicans demanded Biden slash spending if he wants a deal.
  • Biden has demanded Congress to raise the debt ceiling, with no conditions.

Source: Breitbart