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Top Democrat in Hotseat for Bizarre Comment – Not Even Liberals Can Support This Nutty Claim

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It’s been a banner week for the left-wing squad.

This group of progressive House Democrats has been put on the shelf ever since Republicans took over the lower chamber. These women lost their powerful committee chairs and have very little to do … but that isn’t stopping them from trying to spread their brand of “woke” nonsense.

That includes Democrat Rep. Cori Bush. This leftist is known for her far-left views, including what could be considered abortion-on-demand. Like many leftists these days, Bush wants abortion to seemingly be the only option for many women.

It’s clear she supports Biden’s attempts at getting the infamous “abortion pill” into states that have outlawed it. However, what she said is so outrageous, few can defend it.

From Daily Wire:

On Monday, a Democratic Representative compared the abortion pill mifepristone to the headache and pain reliever Tylenol, even referring to the abortion pills as a ‘lifeline’ for women…

‘Banning medication abortion would be like placing a ban on Tylenol [or] a ban on antibiotics,’ Bush said. ‘There is no scientific, no valid medical reason to do so. It is only political propaganda.’

Wow, and I thought AOC was dumb.

Rep. Bush went out of her way to defend mifepristone, one of the two pills used by women to induce an abortion. Mifepristone has been the center of controversy in recent days; a federal court overruled a 2000 FDA approval of the drug.

Critics have said this pill was approved back then, due to political pressure. Some have even cited studies which suggest the pill is harmful to those who use it.

But Democrats like Bush love it, because it makes aborting a baby easy! It’s so safe and easy, it’s like a drug that cures a headache. That’s right, your unborn baby is just an inconvenience, like that hangover you got after a night of raging.

So, since Tylenol is legal, why not a drug that forces your body to reject a growing fetus? (Never mind the fact that even Tylenol can be deadly, under the wrong circumstances.)

Bush claims there is “no scientific, no valid medical” reason to ban mifepristone. Oh, I forgot Bush was a doctor, not a loudmouth Democrat with an incentive to keep this drug legal. She even claimed that this drug was a “lifeline” to people.

Well, Bush can say that all she wants. But the legality of this drug won’t be decided by her. The courts will decide if mifepristone should stay legal, and states have the power to decide if they want their residents taking poison to kill unborn babies.

And that’s the way it should be.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cori Bush claimed that the infamous abortion pill is as safe as Tylenol.
  • This comes as the Biden administration tries to force states to sell the drug.
  • A legal battle is deciding whether mifepristone can stay FDA approved.

Source: Daily Wire