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After Defund Blue City Struggles to Hire Cops – They Make Desperate Move in Big Red State

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It has been well-documented that major Democrat-run cities defunded their police departments. During the summer of 2020, city councils across the country voted to slash police budgets. The results were predictable–not only sharp increases in crime but a mass exodus of officers from police departments. Some of these cities quietly restored their PD’s budgets, but the damage was done.

The rampant anti-police rhetoric of 2020 turned millions of Americans against their local police. Fewer and fewer people want to become police, because of this growing sentiment. One major city made large cuts to its police force. They now suffer a staffing shortage. So, they are going to a major Republican-run state, hoping to recruit new officers.

From Daily Wire:

San Francisco, which announced support for defunding the police after the death of George Floyd, is now trying to recruit cops — from Texas…

This month the city’s police department is visiting four Texas university campuses: Texas Southern University, Sam Houston State University, Prairie View A&M University, and Texas A&M University. The purpose is to recruit prospective cops.

San Francisco slashed its police department’s budget by $120 million in 2020. Almost immediately, crime rose in the city. Crime has gotten so bad in San Francisco, that residents are reportedly leaving their car doors unlocked, so crooks won’t smash their windows.

Mayor London Breed promised to reverse her “defund” policy by restoring and increasing the police budget. However, the city is struggling to recruit qualified officers. Recently, the San Francisco Deputy Sheriff’s Association accused the mayor of continuing to make cuts to the sheriff’s department.

Despite this, the city went to four universities in Texas to recruit police officers. This appears to be the first time San Francisco looked for candidates outside of California.

It is unclear if Texas students will want to relocate to San Francisco to become police officers. San Francisco residents will most likely retain their anti-cop sentiments. Anyone who leaves a conservative, pro-cop state like Texas might be met with strong backlash in SF.

Critics might note the irony of the situation. San Francisco, when in dire need of good cops, is going to the most conservative state in the country. A state that has been frequently criticized by California politicians.

San Francisco isn’t the only city recruiting cops from other states. Gov. DeSantis of Florida has been encouraging active-duty police to relocate to his state. He recently posted billboards in Illinois, offering a $5,000 bonus to cops to move to Florida.

Source: Daily Wire