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Biden’s Latest Handout Raises Eyebrows – You Won’t Believe What They’re Paying $100M for

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“Equity” has been a hot subject among the progressive, and they want everything in life to revolve around this leftist hype of fairness. Equity in the workplace, equity among the genders… equity is needed everywhere, so they cry to all who will listen.

The problem in today’s culture is leftists are calling for equity it usually means taxpayers are about to be paying for it with their hard-earned dollars. Equity has been weaved into almost every budget in the federal government and no topic is off limits for creating a new idea about fairness.

Joe Biden’s administration has developed a new plan where the U.S. Forest Service can spend tons of tax dollars in an effort to provide equity for, get this, trees.

From the Daily Caller:
The Forest Service announced on Sept. 14 that it had allocated over $1 billion toward expanding “access” to trees, including 17 grant proposals that promote “tree equity” with a total value of $101,096,371.

Yes, you read that correctly. They plan to spend a billion dollars that includes more than $100 million for fairness to trees. This “tree equity” term was first coined by American Forests, a conservation nonprofit. On its website, this group blames the lack of trees in minority neighborhoods on “redlining and other discriminatory policies.”

Not to be outdone by a leftist brain trust, Forest Service exclaims on its website that planting trees will reduce crime and improve health outcomes. And guess where the money comes from (other than your back pocket)? These “tree equity” grants are funded through the Inflation Reduction Act, Joe Biden’s defining climate law that will be covered in history books forever.

This whole situation leaves people shaking their heads about how Biden and his minions are spending tax dollars. The Daily Caller pointed out that Atlanta received $10 million to “address issues related to tree equity” and develop a “sustainable, diverse nature-based workforce.”

Atlanta is a thriving major city with a big budget and, according to Trees Atlanta, trees cover nearly half of the city. If the city needs more trees, why doesn’t it pay for them? Why is some working soul in Nevada contributing to this big government spending spree?

The reality of trees across the land is in contrast to a Forest Service press release that stated every dollar of funding allocated through this initiative is set to flow into “disadvantages [sic] communities.” If these government do-gooders can’t even spell, how are their tree initiatives going to help anyone?

But they’ll keep spending as they did in Aurora, Colorado. The Department of Parks, Recreation and Open Space received $5,000,000 to plant trees in neighborhoods with “high immigrant and refugee populations” in order to “prioritize equity, social justice and sustainable urban forest management.”

It’s scary to think just how much more of people’s tax dollars this administration will spend recklessly before voters wake up and change the direction of this country.

Source: Daily Caller