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Schwarzenegger Drops Hammer on Biden – He Unloads Order to Fix America’s #1 Problem

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Despite all common sense and logic, ABC continues to air The View. The show is hosted by outspoken liberals who are known for their biting, partisan attitudes. Even the token conservative host is often liberal.

Recently, the show welcomed iconic actor and celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger. The famed star was asked about the ongoing border crisis. The hosts seemed to lead the question, expecting the former governor to side with Democrats.

Schwarzenegger is one of a few open Republicans in Hollywood, although in recent years he has appeared to side with Democrats on a number of issues. But when he discussed the border crisis, he did not offer the response the women wanted.

From Fox News:
“I’ve seen first hand how this is not a one kind of a step approach. You have to really have comprehensive immigration reform, and you have to look at this immigration problem in a comprehensive way. You can, first of all, I believe very strongly in having a border that no one can get through. That’s number one for me. Number two, what is important is that we have visas available for people that want to work in the United States, so they don’t have to work illegally. It is bogus, we need the workers here,” he said.

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared to agree with former President Donald Trump while discussing the border crisis. He called for a border “that no one can get through.” The former governor said that he “strongly” believed in this.

It appears that Schwarzenegger supports building a border wall or something similar to what Trump built during his administration. This is certainly not what the hosts of The View were expecting.

When asking Schwarzenegger for his opinion, they said he was governor “back when Republicans were sane.” Schwarzenegger was governor of California from 2003 to 2011. During much of that time, Democrats mercilessly mocked and attacked Republican President George W. Bush over his conservative views.

The hosts claimed Schwarzenegger had a “unique perspective” on the border issue, given he is “one of the country’s most famous immigrants.” It’s unlikely when Americans think of Schwarzenegger, they think of him as an immigrant–rather, a famous action movie star.

Schwarzenegger also appeared to embrace part of the Democrats’ view on immigration. He claimed “we need the workers,” parroting a claim from the left that America needs migrant workers to do the job Americans “refuse” to do.

In reality, many have pointed out that immigration often leads to wage drops for Americans, as businesses prefer to hire migrants who are willing to work for less.

Source: Fox News