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2024 Poll Shows Biden Beaten by Surprise Candidate – This Is a Surge No Expert Predicted

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As we near the 2024 Presidential election, pollsters are hitting the streets. Major news outlets are scrambling to gauge voters’ opinions. This election will be unlike any other, with a frontrunner facing several criminal trials and an incumbent with dismal approval numbers.

Several Republican candidates are still vying for the nomination, despite Trump’s commanding lead. But many wonder if Trump can make it to November, as he could be convicted of criminal charges long before he reaches the finish line.

One candidate has been a long shot since the very beginning. But a new poll has pundits surprised. And this could mean trouble for Joe Biden.

From Fox News:
Notably, Haley has gone from trailing Biden by 6 points in August to besting him by 4 points today. She also garners the highest number of defections among Democrats (9% support her), while Trump gets the least (5% of Democrats back him). Bottom line, Democrats are most unified when Biden is running against Trump.

According to a wide-ranging poll by Fox News, Nikki Haley is winning in a head-to-head match-u with Joe Biden. The poll has Haley leading by 49% to Biden’s 45%. That is slightly outside the poll’s margin of error, which could bode well for the longshot Republican.

Haley has struggled to build momentum for her campaign. She has trailed behind more notable figures, like Ron DeSantis by Vivek Ramaswamy. This current surge against Biden is not easily explained.

But it does tell us that Haley is a more favorable candidate than Joe Biden, who has suffered from sagging approval numbers for nearly two years.

Will this news help Haley in the primaries? Trump is far ahead of her among Republican voters, 60% to 5%. While Haley might have a slim lead over Biden himself, it is highly unlikely that she will be able to peel any of Trump’s diehard supporters away from him.

Source: Fox News